How to stop ruminating negative incidents again and again in your Mind

People ruminate negative incidents again and again in their┬áMind,and it is definitely harmful for the mind and body in more than one ways.The trick is knowing how to stop ruminating …I recommend a simple NLP pattern to┬ápeople who write to me asking for ways to stop their negative thoughts right in their track .You too can do that with a simple NLP trick based on sub modalities that i learned from Richard bandler(from a old video seminar)
Let’s say someone stepped on a banana peel and fell down and felt embarrassed when people who were watching laughed.Normally what people will do is to replay this scene again and again and start feeling more and more embarrassed.The ideal thing to do is to forget that this scene ever happened.What if there is a way to cut this scene entirely from our memory?Truth is…There is a way to do this exactly.Just that it is buried deep in the fluff and other psychological theories.
Okay…Let me cut the fluff and tell what to do…the Practical part.
Sit in a comfortable position and think about the negative incident that happened to you.Let it play like a movie in your mind.When your movie ends….start playing it backwards….ie Form the point where the movie ends start playing it to the point it started.
Then Start playing the Movie again in reverse and in the middle make the movie play in black and white….then let grains appear in that mental movie….then shrink the whole movie in to the center.