How to avoid Procrastination


Procrastination is the attitude of postponing or delaying of doing a thing or job.  The very behavior is a stigma for the development of the personality of a person. The basic thing necessary to change this type of behavior is changing one’s outlook itself first.

how to avoid procrastination
how to avoid procrastination

Emotional Preparedness

To start or to do a job all the mere more important is emotion. This factor makes you to start in the right direction and end in perfect finish. So be prepared emotionally to do the job. A right start will bring you fruitful results. A small key only opens a big bungalow. So prepare yourself in the emotional way


The enlisting preferential work is priorities. Enlist the work in such a way i.e first, second etc but it is important to give the start at once and in no delay. Delaying a job makes you to frustrate at the last minute and so the whole thing will be spoiled at the end of the day due to hurry. If you are going to attend an interview tomorrow, keep ready the things essential today itself. Take the call letter and put it in the file which you are going to take with you for interview. Keep ready the clothes in a neat manner you are going to wear. Don’t find out for the shirts and pants on the morning of the interview day. Polish your shoes the previous day night itself. Like this you have to give priority to the most important thing first to finish and then select the next important and then the next. You have to identify and assign work on priority basis. Keep in mind that a missed opportunity is a missed life. No use in worrying after missing a chance

Division of work

There is a saying in politics i.e divide and rule. It applies aptly to this also because you can divide the whole job or work in small pieces and finish it easily

While doing so also you should start the hardest you thing first. Once it is done you feel easily in doing rest of the job

Let us imagine that you are preparing for competitive exam. Generally you have to get vast knowledge on various subjects like Science, History, Geography and Mathematics, current affairs and politics etc… and  for that, you are supposed to refer different books regarding this to prepare for the exam. Right? Don’t read all the subjects on a single stretch. If you feel that Geography is somewhat hard to you try to finish it off first. Go through the topics in it. Select anyone among them. Read it from top to bottom. Try to read it deeply. Get well versed on that and choose the next one. If you do like this, it will be easier for you and after that you should not feel Geography as a tough one anymore. Naturally, if you finish the hard one first, you will surely get a confidence within you and so the remaining will be easier for you


Motivation is important. In these also the self-motivation is all the more important as it makes easy for you to finish a job or work. The self-motivation must be louder as say “you have that and you can do this at ease and you will”.

Often read the positive thoughts of great philosophers. It will boost you

Stick the wordings on places where you see often like door, mirror etc

You must think about the reward or praise you will get at the end and this will push yourself through to success.

Pre Planning

Always have a pre plan. This is the best practice which should be followed throughout your life to overcome procrastination. Preplanning will prevent you from failures in all aspect. A Good preplanner achieves everything in his life

Consider you are planning for outing with family and for that you have to be at Airport at 8’o clock in the morning to catch a flight. Remember your place is 20 kms away from the local port. Normally by car it will take half an hour for travel to cover the said distance. But don’t start exactly at 7:30 from home. No doubt you may see or come cross many person in Airport who missed the flight and feeling bad for the delay.

Think for the situation that your car may get breakdown or you may caught in traffic jam since the Scheduled time is office goer’s time and the road will be busy as it is a peak time. Also keep in my mind it will consume time for check-in process also. Further, think the situation of your family members who are very eager for the trip but very much disappointed for missing the flight. Kindly consider the money loss incurred for all the tickets. So, by keeping all these aspects in mind, plan to start one hour before the usual time. Inform all your family members to be ready at 6:30 itself as per your preplan.

No matter if car gets breakdown. You are having plenty of time and so you can leave the car at garage also and take a taxi as per preplan. Traffic jam? No problem. You can even wait for extra few minutes also. Finally, think for the while the happiness in the face of your family which is more important than anything.

Being on time helps to avoid delay things and thereby no need to postpone the duty.

Keeping on postponing things will increase the pressure level in your body.

You may procrastinate the family trip and can arrange for the coming week also. Feel the feeling of your family members until then and definitely there will not be a normal situation till the next trip is succedded.

So pre plan every action, avoid procrastination and achieve the goal

Time Management

Each and every action has to be done on a particular time. Time factor is the most important thing in the life and so you should maintain punctuality at any cost. Don’t be a late goer. If you see the history you come to know that all successful person were really time conscious.  World will appreciate and accept the person who are punctual. Adjust your watch or cloak 15 minutes before the right time. Try to finish the job according to the adjusted time and forget about the original time. This will help you to accomplish the task somewhat earlier. Here it is also possible for you to finish the job in calm way without any hurry.


To get good environment makes the work or job partly done. The environment gives Philip to do better work. Environment will be in such a way that it should have less distraction. Select a place which will be calm and comfortable for you to accomplish the task without any interruption. This may be anything, say garden, library or even home alone. Choose anyone that gives you relaxation to work.

Listening to music

Doing a job continuously is sometimes boring..Right? The best way to avoid this is to listen a good music.  Hearing music with lyrics may distract you from work. So it is advisable to hear music without lyrics. It may be anything like Carnatic, jazz or western with melody rhythm will enhance your mood of doing a job.

Making a goal set

To achieve a thing you must set a goal first. To aim a goal is must. Aimlessness will not help at all. Make a goal also in black and white. Put it in writing to recall again and again to achieve the goal.All the best