Conversational hypnosis for Beginners with Examples

What Is conversational Hypnosis?
To understand about conversational hypnosis you have to first understand what hypnosis is and learn about ‘Trance’.
People drop into trance many times everyday, Whenever they read a novel and are pulled into a riveting plot, when they become enthralled while watching a movie, etc. You yourself may have experienced Trance when you are driving home from work in your car, and as you begin
parking at your destination, you realize that you don’t recall driving the last few miles.
Your unconscious mind handled all the driving while you were thinking about something else. All these are examples of different forms of trance.
Hypnosis is just a process of artificially inducing a trance state in the listener so that they will listen and follow your
suggestions more readily.(Basically a hypnotist is bypassing  the subject’s Consious mind which may be resisting their suggestions and directly impregnating their idea or solution  in their subject’s subconcious mind )

Process to do hypnosis/Steps in conversational hypnosis
Attention:Absorb your subject’s attention; focus their attention. You need to pull it and draw it in to the hypnotic.
Bypass:Bypass the Critical Factor (and Bypass the regular conscious mindsets)
Bypass the little voice inside their head that says’Oh that won’t work”
Bypass habitual patterns to allow new patterns to be installed
– Stimulate the Unconscious Mind
Recruit their unconscious mind to perform actual change work.
Change work can be anything you wanted the other person to experience.You can make them feel great by saying good things or feel depressed by saying not so good things.

So what is conversation hypnosis and How this conversation hypnosis work?
My personal expectation from conversation hypnosis is….The ability to change the Mental State of the listener through the course of a conversation.I may be wrong.It may be just a subset of what i can really
do with conversation hypnosis…it may be just the tip of the iceberg…or just the cherry on Top of the cake….But all i want from learning Conversation Hypnosis is the ability to change the Mental State of the listener by just talking to them.
Lets face the following Real life scenarios:-
a.You are going in to the Boss cabin for asking a raise or for a salary appraisal but he is in a bad mood.May be he had a fight with his wife before coming to office that day.It’s common sense that if you ask for a promotion you are not going to get it.But…
What if you can talk with him with your conversation you can get him in to a lighter mood first?
That will raise the Probablity of getting a higher salary multiple times right?
b.Your wife is shopping.She is so excited and is about to buy things that are a luxury for your current economic state of your family.
What if you can bring her excitement down to a couple of notches towards reality,by talking with her,so that she realizes that the stuff she was about to buy was not a necessity.And she would think it was all her idea and appreciate herself for her selfcontrol.
Now,How much money did you just save with your conversation skills?

Conversation hypnosis in Movies:
My favorite example of conversation hypnosis in a movie is Below.It is from a Brad Pitt Movie called ‘Money Ball’
Brad Pit is a Baseball Team GM .He is disappointed with the little amount of money allocated by Scott the owner of the Team for him to spend on his Team to make it win.He enters Scott’s office and complains that bigger Teams spend 80 Millions for their Teams success and how he is expected to
compete and make his team win with a few millions.
The following is the modified script of what the Boss-The owner of the team says to Brad Pitt.
We’re a small market team. You’re a small
market GM. And I’m asking you to be okay
with not spending money I don’t have. And
I’m asking you to take a breath and sit
back and relax. And then I’m asking you to
get back in a room with your people and
figure out how you’re going to do the task
with the money I do have.
As he says that you can see Brad Pitt taking a deep Breath and leans back and he seems to feel relaxed.That’s
an example of the Use of conversational hypnosis.
Golden Nugget #1:
When someone comes to you with a problem, it only means they have forgotten where the right resource is which will help them solve the problem. When you find the resources they need and attach them to the problem, the problem vanishes. Approximately 85% of the time, this process will make the problem easily dissolve and go away.