What does it mean when someone yawns while talking to you

When someone yawns while we are talking with them,the first thing that comes to our mind is that they are feeling bored with the conversation.Having said that it can mean a lot of other things depending on the context and we should not generalize the meaning of yawning to just boredom and disinterest.I have heard people that they get upset when someone with whom they are conversing yawns while they are talking because they consider it disrespectful.It should not be so because one should understand that Yawning is a socially acceptable human behavior.

Yawning meaning
Yawning Body language meaning

Let us first understand some discreet facts about yawning before dwelling deep to find its meaning.

  • Yawning is contagious and there is already enough proof and studies conducted to prove that it is true.It is also true that when you have good vibes with someone you will feel the urge to yawn if you see them yawning.
  • Yawning occurs naturally when the diaphragm is pushed up and body inhales and exhales in a relaxed manner.But you will be also able to  yawn on purpose just by thinking about it or by starting to fake a yawn and you will be surprised to find that you have successfully invoked a natural yawn .(and also by writing about yawning,as i just found out now)
  • Science says that yawning is a involuntary action of the body to help the brain with more oxygen.Some even suggests that yawning helps cool down the temperature of the brain which in turn helps it to function more efficiently.

Sometimes people fake a yawn to convey something to the people around them.For instance if you ask you kids to study at night or pack their schoolbags they will yawn.As already mentioned above if you start to fake the yawn you may end up yawning for real and this makes it hard to differentiate between a real and fake yawn.Some people,particularly those in a authority position(Eg:A teacher and student) go mad when someone they are in conversation with yawn.If you are one of them you should learn to keep your cool but having said that some people really have the bad habit of yawning loudly and vocally in public. Some Religions like Islam for instance forbid their people from yawning vocally with a ‘Haa…’ sound and they attribute it to the laughing of the devil inside.