Are you a Extrovert with social anxiety?Live with Social confidence.

Can a person be with social anxiety but still a extrovert? The Answer is Yes.If you don’t understand how someone can be a extrovert and still be with low social confidence that means you are yet to understand what being a extrovert is all about.In this Post we will address how to overcome social anxiety if you are a extrovert by looking at a case study of James.

James wrote to me…

I am always the nice guy, attractive, sweet and always get the bad end of the stick. It is always hard when I really do like somebody and I can’t seem to get them to come around. It is very seldom. I am not shy but it’s just being embarrassed if I ever opened up my mouth.Who is ready to learn this is me. I think this will help me step it up entirely…. You still offering solution?

I wrote back to him asking more information like whether he is a introvert or extrovert and he wrote me back this…

Extrovert.. I get that i have so much energy…some people don’t know how to take me. I am afraid sometimes to make the first move when I like somebody. I have no problem showing it but I like for people to come on to me. That may sound strange but i get scared when it is somebody that i really really like. especially in the business that i am going into. A big industry.

The following is the Advice i wrote to him…

Firstly,I congratulate you for Providing all the details i needed to know about you and with this information i am very much confident that i can help you change you entirely to a People magnet.
People may be good looking, sweet and attractive but they are not always liked by everyone.The Good news for Extroverts is that it is much more easier for you to become a likable guy.
Look at the below points and learn and think about it deeply when you are alone….

1.If you have so much energy and you approach people they may notice your energy in your non verbal and verbal communication.
Having high enery will seem to be a good thing,Right?
NO.Not Always.Not to all people.

Picture this.You about to go to sleep (or you are Tired).Someone flashes a Flood light at your eyes(or Turns on a Loud Music)
Will you like the light/Music? The light is so bright… Right?The Music is done by the best singer….Right? But i bet you will hate the Person who Turned on the Light/Music.

Now this is the same thing that is Happening to the People you Approach with your High energy levels.They don’t have that much of a High energy level and when you Approach them with your energy level…They may think at a consious or subconcious level that ‘This guy is something.He seems different.Is he real’.And people don’t like people who are different from them.People really really LIKE people who are similar to them

So one of the Solution around this problem is….
Observe the Pace at which they Talk…
Listen to how loud to talk….
Observe how energetic they are…

Then Match their Energy level when you talk back to them.Talk at the same pace they talked to you.If they talk fast then you talk fast.If they talk
each word slowly then reduce your speed as much as possible.Talk at the same volume they talk.If they are loud then talk loud.If they are not….you get the idea right? This will make them Like you.It will help you to get the initial Rapport with them.Once you have the Rapport you can be the energetic self you are later.And they will like you.If you can grasp and put what i just said above in practice in real life….You may see how ‘magically’ ‘suddenly’ people are attracted to you.

I have plenty of things to say…But don’t want to you to feel the information overload.Read the  PDF that i have sent you.It is a little bit more advanced but i know you will really like it.

I would be glad to help you to change to the Guy you want to be.Just don’t hesitate to contact me anytime.


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