How to change your Child’s negative attitude and behaviour with Storytelling

Not all parents know the power of positive thinking and how with negative thoughts and attitudes
self sabotage our lives leading us in to worries ,phobias and ultimately in to depression.Personally i myself grew up as a Prince of Negative Thoughts and Attitudes as far as my memory goes in to my childhood.Worrying and anger were the Top negative issues i had growing up.I realized how these negative attitudes were playing their hand in keeping my life miserable and how i needed to think Positively to make my life better when i started reading some books on Positive thinking.I gradually changed myself from being a person with negative attitude to beome a positive person.

How to change a kid's negative attitude
How to change a kid’s negative attitude

I understand that we are here to learn about how to change our kids negative thoughts and attitudes and not to learn about myself.But if you are not seeing what i am doing here,i need you to understand that,if your child has negative attitude the first step is to make sure that your child didn’t inherit the negativity from you.In that case you have to start working on yourself and change yourself first and your child will pick up the positive glow from you and will change his or her negative ways eventually.

But if you are a Positive person with a nice attitude and your children have recently picked up unwanted negative attitudes from others we can easily change the child’s negative behaviour with storytelling.

First things first.Negative Behaviour or negative attitude is such a broad term.First we have to single out specifically what kind of negative attitude you want to change in your child and you have to tell the story to attack that particular trait.

Lets do a case study of how i helped my son with a story.
My son was kind of saying that he had no friends at school and at play.I wanted to help him out and i started to observe him while he is at play with his playmates.He was constantly getting angry at the other kids.I started to observe a pattern in the fights he picked up and found the root cause of his problem.He was making fun of the other kids and was teasing other kids.For example he would do something in play and say ‘I am the first,you are the last’ and the other kids hated him.If the other kids were better than him in doing something he got angry and went mad.When he came complaining to me i said “Let me tell you a story”.
The following is the actuall story i told him.I am sure that you can do better than me but i have shared my story for you just in case you need it and find it helpful.

Outcome:To persuade him not to make fun of other and mind his own business.

Story: Once there lived a boy who runs fast.He was the fastest runner in his class.One day the boy and his classmate were playing in the school ground and they were about to run a race when a new boy asked him if he can join the race.So all the three ran the race.Our boy was leading the race and he turned back and began to make fun of his classmates who is comming behind.He said ‘I am the first,you are last!”
When he finally looked ahead of the race track he noticed that the new boy who had joined them has now gained the lead and he is nearing the finish line.The New boy won the Race.Everyone congratulated the new boy and they asked him the secret of winning the race.
The boy turned to his classmate and said “If i had not turned back and mocked at you i would have won the race.i
was irritating you and i lost both your fiendship and the Race.
-The End-
Now,if you may say that this story is ordinary and it will never work in changing the child’s negative attitude of making fun of others.But it worked in a large way with my child and you may also understand how it worked when you hear me explaing how it worked.

Someone once asked me..”Why can’t you just tell your son to stop making fun of others and take of his own business directly.Why you need a story?”.I didn’t because that will not not help to change his attitude.If you are a parent you would have already tried telling and yelling commands directly at your child and one thing i bet you learned well is that it doesn’t work out that way.Why doesn’t it work?There is a psychological truth behind it.The consious mind of people does not like it when others tell them how to think and what to do.But when you tell a story,it is a metaphor.They have to go deep inside their mind and try wearing the character on them.They get the message unconsiously.It will get much more complicated if i try to explain in detail but i want you to come out with different stories for different problems you want to help your child with.And you that storytelling helps when you tell a good story and it works.

How to change the subject during a conversation and change the Topic

Often times we will be in situations where we won’t be feeling comfortable discussing some topics with some people.In such situations we may need to change the subject of the conversation away from what that makes you feel uncomfortable and towards topics that will give you a upper hand.

There are a whole lot of NLP power phrases available,which you can learn,to successfully do this in any conversation in your day to day life.Once you learn some of these and add it in your Toolkit the possibilities are Endless here…you can apply it in your Personal,Business or in your day to day conversations with strangers.We can successfully change the direction of a conversation towards the subject or topic you want it to Proceed but first you have to decide if you are going to do this the soft way or with authority.

The REDEFINE Pattern is a NLP technique that allows you change the topic of a conversation away from the topic you are not comfortable with authority and style.

The redefine pattern goes like this ‘The issue is not about ‘their subject’ but about ‘your subject’.

If you don’t understand the hang of this language pattern yet,stay with me,and you will realize the power of the REDEFINE pattern when i explain it with an example in a Business Scenario.

You are a Team leader and you are assigned a difficult Project that needs to be completed in the next two weeks.
You arrange a Team meeting and break this news to your team mates and they revolt saying how difficult the task is or how it is impossible to achieve in the given deadline.

Your team members are struck in a negative routine finding reasons why they cannot do the given task while you have organized this meeting to discuss how to plan this task.If you are going to say nothing your team members will eventually persuade the other members and even you to start thinking of ways to escape the task.But Luckily you know the REDEFINE pattern and know exactly what to say to steer them away from their negativity and Towards the subject that need to be addressed.

Picture this…..You stand up and say….
“The issue is not about the difficulty of this task but about how we are about to plan to complete it within the deadline,for which we all are getting paid .”

Just in case you don’t realize what you have done here
….You have closed all the doors and opened the only door to the room where you want to lock them in.Now you have indirectly suggested that the only thing that you are going to talk in this meeting is about the plans for achieving the given task and not about anything else.

Now that you have started to understand the power of the REDEFINE pattern to change the subject and direct the conversation to the topic you want to talk about.

Let’s see a variation of this technique in the sales scenario.You are a salesman and the customer is stalling from buying the product ,even though he likes it because he thinks it is overpriced.

You say….
“The Real Problem here is not that this Product is costing you a few extra bucks more but that it is exactly what you wanted for your home.”

Mirroring body language-Mirroring Definition Psychology and Practical applications in Real life

Mirroring is one of the most usable tool from Neuro linguistic Programming that can be put to use in our day to day real life situations though its usage is widely known in the dating and flirting scenarios.Mirroring is a Rapport gaining Technique.Mirroring body language creates instant Rapport between two people,even between complete strangers.

Mirroring Body Language
Mirroring Body Language

One of my clients who learned the Mirroring Technique from me Wrote back to me,as below…
I just finished reading your work and of course I’m going to read it again and again but just to make sure I understand. The only thing necessary to master this skill is to be able to catch what non verbal communication they do and mimic that and they will feel a connection with you and like you?

Mirroring Body Language
Mirroring Body Language

My Answer is…
Technically in NLP (Neuro linguistic Programming) we call this ‘Make anyone like you’ thing as RAPPORT.
Once you gain the RAPPORT with anyone they will Listen to you and continue further conversation with you with interest.
If you don’t gain initial Rapport the other person will try to end the conversation and get on with their business.
What we are doing here by mimicking their ‘nonverbal hello’ is…we are sending a message to their subconscious that you are similar to the other person.This will make them like you.

If you still wonder how this could work out…I would recommend you to Try this with people in real life….Start with ordinary people like your subordinate or waiter etc…before trying it on your boss.And,get back to with your feedback.I will help you to integrate this working technique in real life.
Never hesitate to contact me anytime.

How to write a mean letter to someone who has hurt you-Examples and Case Study

The following is the review of one the Example Review of a mean letter written by someone who is hurt by a homewrecker.The following is what i wrote back to her.

I have read ever single thing you sent me.I have just three things to correct because Your Letter is already perfect and i find it hard to find

You are starting your letter with accusation like below

“You don’t seem to have the Time or energy to respond to my messages? Hilarious but you have the time and energy to be a homewrecker and cheat with my man behind my back.  Here you go…We are all well aware that the man is to blame too. However, if women kept their legs and HEARTS closed to Married men then they would be unable to cheat!”

When she reads the first few lines she is going to get defensive and will not probably read the rest of the letter or she might just read it fast.To make her Read the full letter you must start the letter with the ‘Agreement frame’ or the ‘Secret Frame’

Example of how you can start with the Agreement Frame:

I read your text and i cannot help but agree with some of the things you said…
(This will feed her curiosity and make her read the whole letter hoping to find what you agree with. Actually you don’t have to agree with anything she said.It is just a ploy to make her read the whole letter,sometimes she will be reading again to find out what she missed while reading the first time.That’s the way you can make her feel weak.)

The Secret Frame is similar.Start by saying

I shouldn’t be saying these things to you and i should be keeping this as a secret but i thought it would be nice if you know these too…(She should be searching the whole letter for the secret and of course she is not going to find anything because you are not going to say anything)

Your letter is good.But it lacks only one thing.A outcome.If i were writing a letter to her my outcome will be to confuse her and stop her from having a nice time with my ex.

What if i confuse her and make her argue with Peter about something he doesn’t like.He is just out of a break up and the last thing
he want is a nagging women asking him to give a committed relationship.

So i would say something like below….
“I imagined how pathetic you will feel once Peter leaves you and your  kids for another home wrecker.At that moment i felt sad…
Sad because Peter will never consider having children with low life women like you and so you will never experience the abandonment with your
kids.If you don’t believe me just take some time and watch out how things unfold between you and him… ”

Imagine after reading those lines she gives pressure to Peter to have a committed relationship.I can’t give the whole thing….but hope you get the drift.You can even change the Plot to something else if you don’t like the Kid stuff i have come up with….But have a outcome in mind while writing the letter.

Your letter is too long.You need to remove unneeded paragraphs if you her to read the whole letter.

Otherwise your letter is good.I wish you good luck.


How to haggle and bargain and lower the price

Have you ever bought a Product for a higher Price only to find out that your neighbor or Relative has bought the same Product at a much lower Price.You may get a sulking feeling right at that point of time but looking at the bright side of things,what they know is the valuable skill of haggling and the good news is you to can be a good haggler and convince anyone to lower the price while buying anything.

Lets take a real life scenario….you are interested in buying something from a seller and you have to convince them to lower the price.Wow!A really interesting way to profit from your People skills.I can think of a lot of techniques from Neuro Linguistic Programming  to Psychology that can be applied here to haggle and get the price reduced.Let’s take a step by step approach to haggling for reducing the price of things you purchase.

0.Break the internal Resistance:

Before even starting your first step in to haggling i got something.I do this every time when i am not good at something but want to become a expert on it.Most people who don’t know the value of this step will consider this as just fluff step but let me enlighten you by asking a question.

Do you know what stops you from haggling for a better deal while others are doing it?

The answer is ‘You’.You and you only are Resisting your development to become a better bargainer.It’s the voice inside your mid that has been saying things like ‘He/she won’t lower the price’ or ‘He/she can’t afford to Reduce the Price’ etc…

Now,Relax and sit back and ask yourself ‘What stops you from becoming a expert haggler or at least a better bargainer’?

You will come up with answers like ‘I am scared that the seller will get offended’ to thousand different answers based on who is asking the question.But the answer is the resistance that we are providing to ourselves from getting good at Bargaining.So lets’s say my Answer is ‘I am worried that the Sellers will say something insulting’ like ‘Get out of my shop if you don’t want to buy’ .

So i will Rationalize thus…

Will i enter his shop again if he says such a thing and whose loss is it?If you can Come up with something that will negate and Kill your Resistance then you have done this step right.

In Reality sellers will have a Benchmark Price that they will have in mind.They will first Try to sell you stuff with a higher Profit margin.But if you Prove to them that you are a lovable haggler then they normally would part with their stuff if you ask a Price that is somewhat near the Price in their mind.

1. Mindset of a haggler-The Psychology of a Bargainer

It Doesn’t mater even if you are the shyest person in the universe just for the moment picture yourself as a master haggler or put yourself in the shoes of a master bargainer.You can come back and be the shy person later but just for the moment imagine that you can talk your way in to and out of anything.And Today you are going to enjoy your experience of haggling with that seller over there and get his wares at a special price.You just Enjoy the whole Process of Haggling and bargaining not just the part where you get stuff at a steal price.

You need to have a hagglers mindset to become a haggler.You can get such mindset either by using Affirmations or by Modelling a Expert bargainer.

I have a lot to say about these two techniques of Affirmations and Modelling by i will just give a Brief intro here.


Affirmation is a technique where you repeat a Positive catch phrase often to yourself and your unconscious mind starts believing what you say to be true.Often we use this same affirmation technique negatively to make us less secure.For example so many people say often to themselves ‘I am not good at xyz’ and guess what…they have really succeeded in making themselves suck at doing xyz.I guess that you can get an idea about how powerful affirmations are.Let’s frame some Affirmation phrase for our bargaining scenario now.

“I am a master Haggler and i love to haggle”

“I am becoming better and better at haggling and i love it”

“I am happy to be the expert Haggler that i am now.”

The above are just examples and you an personalize your own affirmation sentence yourself.The only rule is don’t use any negative words in your catch phrase.A good example will be “I don’t fear haggling anymore” since the presence of word fear will make you unconsciously fear.

Once you have formed your catch phrase you have to keep reminding yourself by repeating the sentence again and gain.Chant it like mad.Chant it like a Buddhist monk who chants ‘Om mani padme hum’.


Do you know anyone in your fiends or relatives circle who is an expert haggler?Who can bargain and get a deal even in a supermarket? If You can model their haggling behavior you will be surprised at the results you get.Modeling is just observing an expert haggler’s voice tone,body language,physiology while he or she is at their act and mimicking them while you haggle.If you cannot wrap your head around how this will help you then you can sidestep the ‘Modeling’ technique but the fact is it works,every time and always.So i would personally recommend you to try this for a few times before discarding it completely.



1.Approach.Mindset.Be like the other person so that he will like you.

2.Don’t haggle for the Price immediately.First build a Rapport.


Social confidence system free Tips to get your social confidence back

Question: I have lost my social confidence after my breakup with my ex Girlfriend and i don’t know how to talk to people anymore.I freeze up and for everything I say i am worried that i will just sound stupid and that people won’t like me.Please help me with some advice to get my social confidence back

You are left to survive in a forest and you have to kill a wild boar with your hand gun to eat your first food after 4 days.
What will you aim at?
The Boar?
It’s fleshy thighs?That you desperately want to taste?
To kill the boar you have to aim at the most vulnerable point in it’s body.You aim at it’s forehead,in between its eyes.
For a moment you forget your hunger,you forget about returning home,you forget the boar,you forget everything
All that exists before you is the Forehead of the boar.And when you Pull the Trigger if your bullet hits its forehead the whole boar is yours.

*****************Story End**************
Now…you have a serious problem of freezing up and going blank during conversations.
You cannot go on for long unless you kill your Problem(Your wild Boar)
Your are focusing on the whole problem(whole big wild boar) and wondering can i kill this big problem with this tiny handgun(Self help techniques and advises)

What you have to do is identify the easiest part of your problem that you are sure you can do if you put some effort in to it.
Forget about having a Great conversation with your boss for some time.
How about using the baby steps Principle.We will reach the Target line one baby step at a time.You can fall….you can crawl
But take one baby step at a Time.

What about first perfecting your conversation with your Apartment watchman first…or
How about befriending the Junior guy that joined your office by having a friendly conversation?

Take one Tip at a time and implement it in your life.

So where is my Tip…you ask…

Before giving you the Tip,i want to share something that i was taught in my NLP classes.
They Taught me,Listen closely to what the Subject says…They might be literally giving out the solutions to their own Problems.
Just that they don’t realize it and all you have to do it make them realize that it is the solution to the problem.

Now,Coming back to your Problem,You said…

I just don’t know how to talk to people anymore I freeze up and everything I say on worried will just sound stupid and that people won’t like me.

I bet you have a internal dialogue that says that exact same thing over and over in your mind.You are hypnotizing yourself that you are
sounding stupid and people don’t like you.And,It seems your mind has done a good job too.

So Just catch yourself when your self dialogue says something negative next time and when you catch it you have to kill it.
You have to kill the negativity by saying a Positive affirmation like ‘I am getting more and more confident with conversing with People
and they like me’.Something like that…what i gave is just an example.

You have to start doing something.Don’t be one of the people who keep reading Tips and techniques to become confident but don’t
Practice any of them in their real life.

Sample confident conversation examples between a man and women

How to have the confidence to talk to people and make them continue the conversation
The number one fear that prevents people approaching another human being and have a nice conversation is not the fear of approach.It is the fear of running out of things to say in the middle of conversation.I have planned to give two examples of how a shy guy will approach the conversation with a random girl and then how a Confident Guy takes the conversation to the next level with confidence.

The following is the conversation between a girl and a not so confident shy man.

Confident Conversation examples
Confident Conversation examples

Shy guy:Nice bike.I am planning to buy this same brand for my sister.How comfortable is it to ride?
Girl:It’s fine.
Shy guy:Okay.(Thinking in mind ‘She is not talking to me’ and already exiting the conversation)

<Note:Now most shy guys stall at this point and are stuck thinking what to say next.They think the girl is uninterested and wants you to go away.
Most of the time it may not be the truth but it is just the way you read the situation.You have to consider the body language of the other person in this kind of situations.When you approach a person look if they just turn only their upper body towards you or their whole body towards you.In other words notice where their foot is pointing.If it is pointing towards you that means they are interested and okay with having the conversation with you.You can continue the conversation as long as they keep their foot pointing at the general direction you are standing.If they are responding to you by just turning their torso or upper body towards you and their foot’s big thumb is pointing some where else that mean’s they are ready to move and in that case it is best for you to let them go.>

Some of the Confident guys will still continue the conversation like below…
Confident guy:Nice bike.I am planning to buy this same brand for my sister.How comfortable is it to ride?
Girl:It’s good.
(Confident guy notices her body language.It doesn’t seem that she is ready to move away.Time to throw the next punch)
Confident guy:How long you waited after booking the bike.I heard for this model there is a 1 month wait time.
Girl:I got no idea.
<Note: Shy guys would have went home locked their door and cried at this point thinking that the girl is ignoring.But Confident guys are curious. They ask a simple question…because the only feeling they have at this time is CURIOSITY>
Confident guy: WHY?
<Note:Now she has to open up.A ‘why’ question requires a detailed answer and cannot be answered in single words.The more you get people to talk with you the more comfortable they will feel in talking with you>

Girl:Oh!I got no idea because this is my friend’s bike.I came to buy stuff for her birthday party.
Confident guy: So you must be in a party mood tonight.
<Note:Note how the smooth talker tries to change the Topic from Bike to Party mood.Shy people would have kept on talking
about the Bike for a long time and the Girl would have got bored and said sayonora already>
She: <Silence>
Confident Man: And your friend should be having a nice taste of things. She’s got the best looking bikes and friends.
<Note:Complement them.Don’t complement them openly.Complement them indirectly.This is a whole art in itself but the above complement should give you some ideas)
She: Still silent but this time smiles and blushes a bit.
Confident Man:Have you finished shopping for the party?Because i can suggest some things to buy that is a must for the party…
Girl: Hmmm.I can use some help.I have never organised a party…
<Note:And the conversation goes on and on until it ends after they turn off the lights and go to sleep.Ok that may be a little bit exaggerated but it will go on until the Confident Guy parts with her number)

Take aways from the above conversation:
1.Don’t just listen to what they say and base your decision on it.Be Aware of how they say it.Read their body language.Time your
response based on it.
2.Don’t just give up and end the conversation at the first instance of resistance.
If you are given a hand gun and asked to shoot a
bottle at a distance and your life depended on shooting it…will you quit the first time as soon as your bullet miss the target?
You have five more bullets and you will not quit till you empty all the five bullets…Right?
Then why are you holding back your bullets in a conversation?
3.Always be Curious.Confidents are Curious.You can be as good at Confidents by just being genuinely curious to know more about the other
4.Always give a complement.And the complement should be indirect and discreet,at least in the beginning.
5.If the other person is a girl and you are interested in her move to Flirting as early as it is practically possible in the conversation.
6.Change the conversation topic regularly.Notice how the confident guy Started talking about bikes…then about party…then about shopping for
party etc…Otherwise the conversation will become boring.

How to stop ruminating negative incidents again and again in your Mind

People ruminate negative incidents again and again in their Mind,and it is definitely harmful for the mind and body in more than one ways.The trick is knowing how to stop ruminating …I recommend a simple NLP pattern to people who write to me asking for ways to stop their negative thoughts right in their track .You too can do that with a simple NLP trick based on sub modalities that i learned from Richard bandler(from a old video seminar)
Let’s say someone stepped on a banana peel and fell down and felt embarrassed when people who were watching laughed.Normally what people will do is to replay this scene again and again and start feeling more and more embarrassed.The ideal thing to do is to forget that this scene ever happened.What if there is a way to cut this scene entirely from our memory?Truth is…There is a way to do this exactly.Just that it is buried deep in the fluff and other psychological theories.
Okay…Let me cut the fluff and tell what to do…the Practical part.
Sit in a comfortable position and think about the negative incident that happened to you.Let it play like a movie in your mind.When your movie ends….start playing it backwards….ie Form the point where the movie ends start playing it to the point it started.
Then Start playing the Movie again in reverse and in the middle make the movie play in black and white….then let grains appear in that mental movie….then shrink the whole movie in to the center.

Are you a Extrovert with social anxiety?Live with Social confidence.

Can a person be with social anxiety but still a extrovert? The Answer is Yes.If you don’t understand how someone can be a extrovert and still be with low social confidence that means you are yet to understand what being a extrovert is all about.In this Post we will address how to overcome social anxiety if you are a extrovert by looking at a case study of James.

James wrote to me…

I am always the nice guy, attractive, sweet and always get the bad end of the stick. It is always hard when I really do like somebody and I can’t seem to get them to come around. It is very seldom. I am not shy but it’s just being embarrassed if I ever opened up my mouth.Who is ready to learn this is me. I think this will help me step it up entirely…. You still offering solution?

I wrote back to him asking more information like whether he is a introvert or extrovert and he wrote me back this…

Extrovert.. I get that i have so much energy…some people don’t know how to take me. I am afraid sometimes to make the first move when I like somebody. I have no problem showing it but I like for people to come on to me. That may sound strange but i get scared when it is somebody that i really really like. especially in the business that i am going into. A big industry.

The following is the Advice i wrote to him…

Firstly,I congratulate you for Providing all the details i needed to know about you and with this information i am very much confident that i can help you change you entirely to a People magnet.
People may be good looking, sweet and attractive but they are not always liked by everyone.The Good news for Extroverts is that it is much more easier for you to become a likable guy.
Look at the below points and learn and think about it deeply when you are alone….

1.If you have so much energy and you approach people they may notice your energy in your non verbal and verbal communication.
Having high enery will seem to be a good thing,Right?
NO.Not Always.Not to all people.

Picture this.You about to go to sleep (or you are Tired).Someone flashes a Flood light at your eyes(or Turns on a Loud Music)
Will you like the light/Music? The light is so bright… Right?The Music is done by the best singer….Right? But i bet you will hate the Person who Turned on the Light/Music.

Now this is the same thing that is Happening to the People you Approach with your High energy levels.They don’t have that much of a High energy level and when you Approach them with your energy level…They may think at a consious or subconcious level that ‘This guy is something.He seems different.Is he real’.And people don’t like people who are different from them.People really really LIKE people who are similar to them

So one of the Solution around this problem is….
Observe the Pace at which they Talk…
Listen to how loud to talk….
Observe how energetic they are…

Then Match their Energy level when you talk back to them.Talk at the same pace they talked to you.If they talk fast then you talk fast.If they talk
each word slowly then reduce your speed as much as possible.Talk at the same volume they talk.If they are loud then talk loud.If they are not….you get the idea right? This will make them Like you.It will help you to get the initial Rapport with them.Once you have the Rapport you can be the energetic self you are later.And they will like you.If you can grasp and put what i just said above in practice in real life….You may see how ‘magically’ ‘suddenly’ people are attracted to you.

I have plenty of things to say…But don’t want to you to feel the information overload.Read the  PDF that i have sent you.It is a little bit more advanced but i know you will really like it.

I would be glad to help you to change to the Guy you want to be.Just don’t hesitate to contact me anytime.


How to talk and convince your child scared of the Pediatric Dentist to Cooperate

When i was a kid and even till my late teenage i had slightly protruding front Teeth.It is Probably one of the things that made me a self conscious and introvert when i grew up. I put braces for my teeth and later in my early twenties removed them and till now i have a good looking smile and healthy teeth .Even today when i tell people that i wore braces when i was a teen people will never believe it to be true.Point is…I know how much having a good oral hygiene is important to a child’s development of a positive self image particularly while they are young and growing up.

Convince and Talk kids to dentist

My son was having cavities and other teeth related issues ever since he started to have his first set of teeth.He is 7 now but we remember visiting the Pediatric dentists ever since he was three.In fact even now i remember his first visit to the Pediatric dentist.The dentist asked him to sit in the chair and open his mouth and my son obliged him happily.The doctor said ‘Your son is the first child who has not cried while sitting in the dental chair in my enter professional life’.But he was mad at us for feeding him in his sleep at night which supposedly caused his problems.Also we were told to visit when he is at least six years old because that is the time when his second set of teeth will start growing and that is the best time for treatment as per my doctor.So we started seeing the dentist again last year and this time my son started to get scared and started crying when the light in the dentist chair was turned on and the doctor started examining his teeth.The dentist recommended us to pay a visit every fortnight for checkup and fillings of cavities.I don’t know what happened by my son will start crying all the way from home to the dentist’s office and back to home again.I don’t know how many of you can empathize with me but as a father it was deeply disturbing to see him cry making weird noises while the dentist is forcefully examining and filling his cavities.That’s when i thought about influencing him in positive ways to co-operate with the dentist by talking to him and by convincing him totally.So the actual post starts here…It’s all about what techniques i used on him and what i said to him and how each dentist session goes….Though he has overcome his fear of the dentist to a large extent we are still seeing the dentist regularly and the complex procedures like Root canal(I know it is not complex these days but it might be complex enough for a 7 year old) are yet to be done and there is no way i can predict he will remain calm till the end of his treatment.

So i will list out some of the things i did to help my child overcome his fear of the Pediatric Dentist.

1.Understanding his Fears from his Point of View:-

Most parents wonder why the child is not co operating with the dentist and they try aggressive parenting techniques like Intimidating the kids.I am not saying that mild intimidation for the greater good of the child is a bad thing,to be honest,I had done the same thing and i would still do if it had worked.Obviously scaring kids about the consequences of not Cooperating  didn’t quite work out and so i tried to dig in to the root of the problem to find other available solution.I put myself in to the shoes of my son and tried to find out(by visualizing) what is scary about sitting in that dentist chair .It may be the flash light that they flash inside the mouth or it may be the tube they put inside the mouth to such out excess water or saliva or it may be the sound of the drill they use for cleaning the teeth.I called my son who was playing for a talk.He was in a good happy state of mind and after some fluff talk i started telling him stuff like….”You know the reason why they keep the light….The light is just to help the dentist to see inside your mouth…Do you know why they put the tube inside your mouth?It is just to suck the spit out of out mouth….why they use the drill?It is just to clean the teeth and make it white and healthy….” At this point he interrupted me and told….”But the tube they put inside my mouth hurts the sides of my cheeks”.

Wow! That’s valuable information for me.This is exactly the kind of feedback i needed.I now have the exact problem and i am clear about the outcome i need to have in my mind when i communicate and persuade my son.I have to make him feel comfortable about having that tube in his mouth.Now i don’t have to talk about the lights or the drill sound or thousand other things that were supposed to make him scared.(Now your child can have a different thing that scares him that is entirely different than my son’s but the context of your conversation is going to be the same like mine…Only the content is different.)

So the minutes of the first step are a.Think from the child’s point of view and frame a conversation so that you get some feedback so that you can single out the first thing that causes him to fear the visit to the dentist.

2. Repetition is the key:Now start telling your child stories which involve the problem at hand but in a positive way.I tell my son that i saw a girl the other day in the dentist’s office and how she cooperated fully well….she was not afraid when the doctor inserted the tube to such excess saliva out. When everything was done she looked very pretty with the cutest of the smiles …etc..I sometimes tell him how he was brave when he was a kid at the dentist’s chair and the compliments he received.The key is repeat these small anecdotes and stories many times.Repetition ensures that your child has the positive seeds planted firmly in their minds and rest assured that their courage is going to sprout out the next time they are in the dentists office.