Toilet phobia or anxiety and how to overcome fear of using Public Restrooms

It might be a trivial issue for most people but there are quite a few people who are scared of using  Public Toilets and they avoid using them at all cost.The magnitude of the problem may vary from person to person,some just have slight hesitations in using Toilets but use them anyway while others regularly get haunted by nightmares of unclean Toilets.Likewise the issue is across all ages from kids to teens to seniors.The Technical term for Toilet anxiety is paruresis(Fear to urinate) or parcopresis (Fear to have bowel movements in public) but i strongly advice anyone with Toilet anxiety to learn more about it.Some where i have read ‘Anything you give a name comes in to existence’.So unless your problem is so chronic that you have to take Treatment for it…you can overcome your Toilet anxiety by just making a few mental adjustments and using NLP techniques that i have shared here in this post.

We briefly mentioned the diversity of Toilet phobia but we have to analyze the different shades of the issue in detail since some can be overcome by just reading the advice and the higher magnitude cases require a few sessions of NLP mental rehearsals to make the Phobia disappear from the mind.

How a distressing negative situation helped someone to overcome fear of Public Toilets.

One of my friends is known for his fear of using public toilets in friends circle.He would sometimes enter the college bathroom and hang around there aimlessly.During the final years he suddenly became normal and showed no signs of Toilet phobia.I inquired him about his sudden change and he said after going through a recent distressing situation his perspective changed and now he has lot fear of using public toilets.

Overcome fear of public Toilet
Overcome fear of public Toilet

He told me what he called as his ‘Desparado Toilet story’ in the minutest gory detail and it made a lot of sense to me.I have told his story,with my NLP stuff embedded, to some of my clients who had similar issues and they all said that they have improved a lot after hearing this Story.

I have tried to write the same story that i tell others below,but i have to warn you that the story may be too dirty or gory for some.You proceed at your own risk.Also the story may not be free flowing but that is because i have added NLP stuff that makes it difficult to read but will stick to your mind like shit.

The story as Told by my friend below…..

I went to a remote Town with my Girlfriend to take part in a festival there.As you know i have this fear of using any Toilet other than the one in my apartment and so i avoided using the one in the old Hotel i stayed.The Toilet was pretty clean and okay yet when i sat on it Images of unclean people who used the toilet before me popped up in my mind and soon it ran like a movie.My body tightened up and i could not empty my bowel that morning. Later in that day we went to a fair where the Town festival took place and the venue was around a hour walk from my hotel.Another important thing i failed to tell is that the attendees of the fair has to be in bare foot.In the fair we drank a local drink that was famous in that part of place.Since i like it i had one more glass and before i could finish it i felt something weird happening inside my stomach.I felt like within the next thirty seconds my stomach is going to explode whether i find a toilet or not.That instant i needed a toilet badly and i prayed i find one no matter how ugly it was.Pooping in my pants while having my girlfriend around seemed a lot worse a choice than to use a dirty public toilet.I asked my girlfriend to wait and went in search of Toilet.I nearly missed the cabin that didn’t have the slightest resemblance to Toilet but the staunch of the place helped me to locate it.When i entered it and there are all kind of shit all around the place,i am talking literally here. I walked inside and there were a few urinals but only one toilet sink and as i tried to open it i realized that it was already occupied.

I pleaded to the man inside that it was very urgent for me and he came out in a few minutes.I stormed inside locked the cabin inside and removed my pants and sat down.I noticed the Toilet was not flushed and tried to flush it but there was no water.I ignored that and did what i came for.As i was sitting there i noticed that i was sitting in the most dirtiest and smelliest Toilet sink in the world in bare feet planted on the most slushy shit i have ever planted my feet on.

You know what!At that exact moment i didn’t feel the slightest disgust or anxiety or anything that anyone who know me would expect me to feel!

I felt relived. I felt happy. Funnily i felt thankful and grateful for sitting in that bathroom at the moment i needed it the most.

After that incident every time i have to use a Public Restroom i don’t feel anxious….I just think about the cabin Toilet which i call ‘Desperado Toilet’ and I feel… RELIEVED.

*****End of Story*******Attached story in .mp3 formatt




How to overcome negative or distorted body image

Having a negative or distorted body image is the single most factor that triggers low self esteem and social anxiety in teens and young men and women.If you have low self esteem and you can identify with what i told above there is good news for you.You can improve your confidence multi fold just by setting  goals and working towards improving the physical aspect that is worrying you.

Overcome Negative body Image
Overcome Negative body Image

Let me give examples:
One of a Teenager i knew was shy and very reserved.He had Protruding front teeth that stood out and grabbed people’s attention.When he was sixteen he started to wear braces and everybody who knew him could witness the complete transformation that he made by the time he finished college.He started socializing with other people and seniors in his college and eventually he landed in a lucrative job in one of his friend’s fathers company.That was not the end of the story,he built a very good rapport with his friends father who was the owner of the business and he landed up in the top position in his organization, that was too hot for a once shy guy.

In a family get together i asked him about his astonishing growth in a short time frame.He opened up and told how he was self conscious about his protruding teeth and how he avoided talking with people since he felt everyone was staring at his front teeth.But once he put his braces he felt inside that his problem was solved and he felt more and more confident.He had silenced his inner negative talks and overcame his self consciousness to become successful in his carrier.If you are interested to know if putting braces improved his appearance i have to quote my bad ass relative put it like this “Before putting braces he was Uglier and Poor and after he was Ugly Rich.If i have a choice i would choose ugly rich any day!”

In shorts,instead of doing nothing about your negative body image if you just start to work on the particular area that you think needs to be improved …your self image will increase multi fold.

How to help your kid or Teen to overcome negative or distorted body image

If you have a small kid you can help them to grow up with a positive body image by just complementing on their appearance.In most cases the Children who grow up with confidence and with a positive self image about themselves have parents who encourage and complement their external appearance.Likewise children suffering from a low self esteem and negative body image must be having at least once relative or Friend who regularly makes fun of the body part that they are already self conscious about.

If you have a Teen with distorted body image you can just help them to take some step to improve the physical condition and then regularly give feedback that they are improving and they look great.Let’s say you have a son who is overweight you can make him join some sport and complement about his game and improvement in his physical strength rather that commenting that he is fat.

How to break a bad habit

Habit is the thing which gets inculcated in you and sometimes you didn’t know that you are accustomed to it often. Habit exposes the world who you are? Some habits will bring you good reputation and some will give negative impact over you. So you must be very careful on choosing a habit whether it is a minor one like biting your nail or serious one like smoking or drinking. You may come across many people around you who are addicted to some bad habits and don’t even know how to get back from that. If you are a person among them and you are looking for a remedy at the moment, I can tell for sure that you have reached the correct place for rejuvenating your life after reading this article

Preparing the Mind Set

The first and the basic step to change a bad habit is to prepare yourself mentally to come back from that. This is the main thing since you should desire internally in your subconscious level. A true desire will only pave the way for complete change and nothing needed extra for your rehabilitation. You may see many people try to overcome from the habit but not succeeding. Do you know the reason for that? It’s simply due to this reason. Yes ..They are not certain. You should prepare your mind to commit fully on breaking the habit. Then only you will be succeeded.  So prepare mentally for a good change

Identifying the undesirable cause

Do you sit and think for a while anytime what is the basic reason behind the undesirable condition you are facing right now. Whatever the problem it may be, it will fall under 2 categories only.

  1. Health issues
  2. Money issues

First one is the Health or medical issues like Cancer or Liver problem and the second one is money problem. If you analyse it further deeply you will definitely come to know that these 2 issues persist in your life due to any of the bad habit like smoking/ drinking for Cancer/ Liver problem and the second one Economy problem due to the bad habit of frequent shopping, spending lavishly. Yes, spending excess beyond income is also a bad habit not thinking about the future. Am I right?

Apart from these 2 , another category is there namely behavior issue like nail biting, sucking the thumb etc..  which will not create a major issues but this also has to be controlled before it reaps into a big one. Because it will certainly damage your social image. You are admitting that Social image is very important..Right?

Ignoring the inducers/ temptation

Try to know what makes or tempts to do the habit. Remove the thing so far away from you.  If you are continuous junk food eater, take away all the items from your kitchen and put in a room where you are not visiting often like store room or an ideal room in upstairs something like that. This will reduce your number of times you indulge in the activity.

While shopping, don’t go through Junk food section side. Instead pick cereals, pulses and grains and try to cook in your own kitchen in a healthy way. It will be helpful in 2 ways. First of all, your health will not be spoiled and then you don’t have a chance to spend money lot for the health ailments causing by eating that unhealthy junk food. Do you agree?

Let you be a person who spends most of your valuable time on chatting or face book, avoid this by keeping mobile away in some other room. Or put it in Airplane mode

Avoiding the unhealthy situation

Here situation refers to various phenomena like person, place and time. Imagine your habit of drinking is induced by some particular friends or colleague. Try to keep away from them. Tell them openly that you are in the process of breaking that bad habit i.e drinking alcohol. Definitely they will make fun with you. Be strong in your decision. They will compel you but never give up your idea. Strong minds do wonders. They will force you for 3 or 4 times, after that seeing your confidence they themselves will not call you for the habit. Sometimes they don’t even call you for the party henceforth.

Like that, if you are very much tensed to indulge in the bad habits if you cross a particular place say something like a street where Wine shop is located. Don’t go that side. Instead take other direction and reach the destination. Hope there are several ways in your city to reach one particular place.

Similarly, you may feel nervous if particular time has come you accustomed for doing that habit. Say, you are a regular drinker by 8‘o clock night. Don’t panic. Calm down your frustration. You have decided you are going to change the habit and you are not going to indulge in that activity anymore. Don’t going on think the same. Instead divert your aim in some other useful ways for utilizing that time. Call your kids and play with them. Do small helps in finishing their homework. Take outing and give them a simple treat at a restaurant with your spouse also. See the happiness on the family members face. It will be a different feel what you would not have enjoyed earlier. Feel this true happiness.

Why unwantedly spending the money and spoiling your health. Think for a while if money is wasted it can be earned somehow or other but if health is spoiled? Is there anybody alternative available to fulfill your place if something has happened to you? Keep this in mind and act smartly

Make the habit unlike

Normally, you will not take a food item if u don’t like. Correct? Habits also like this only. If you make the habit unpleasant, certainly you will not do that. It’s a simple logic. At the beginning of this article, you come cross the habit of nail biting or thumb sucking. But you have not seen the remedy on that time. Many of you may wonder why I didn’t tell any solution. The reason behind is nothing but to clearly give inputs to the reader the apt technique at the right place. Nothing else other than this.

Ok. Coming to the point. Add something ugly to the habit. For nail bitter, coat the nail with any unpleasant thing which you don’t like. For practice purpose, you can coat with mud. Each time you bring your hand towards your mouth to bite the nail, you will feel uncomfortable both by that odour and the taste. Gradually you will reduce the number of times bringing hand towards the mouths and at certain stage it will be stopped by this practice at last. You can try some special products available at pharmacy also particularly to avoid this habit.

Same technique will work out for Thumb suckers too.

Be cautious always

Keep in mind that you are in the process of quitting smoking. You and your coworker are moving to coffee shop from the workplace for a break. As usual, your smoking coworker surely lights a cigar in his mouth and take other one from his pocket to you. For this instance, repeat in your mind “Quit smoking, Quit smoking”. You should be very cautious and strong in your decision. Never give up for anybody.

You better don’t go with him or else take any chewable like bubble gum or something like that instead of cigarette. Have a cup of coffee only and do some breathing exercise for refreshment. Or else, after having coffee simply move out from the smoking area by allowing your friend only to have a smoke and just take a walk around the corridor. Atleast it will be like a walking exercise.

Here, you can even ask your friend also to quit the habit and thereby both of you together will come out from the habit.

As per a recent scientific research, it is better and easy to break a habit with supporting people. Because if anybody slips, remaining person with same ideology will be there to rescue him with gratitude.

Take substitute action

Mental stress and having plenty of time not knowing what to do is the main reason for practicing bad habit. Most of the people start a habit just for time pass to get rid of their time. Eventually by continuing that it becomes so hard to them to leave the same. Choose any activity which will be benefittable for your mind and body. You can get rid of stress by hearing good music and reading good books. Why unnecessary have a bad habit and spoil the health and thereby having more stress again due to health complications. Stress cannot be taken out if you practice bad habit. It is just a temporary solution. The same problem will remain after you come out from the drug stage. Alternatively, join a gym and improve the physic. Exercise improves your stamina and give power to the body. A healthy body is essential for healthy life.

Go to a swimming class or join painting class. Learn something new in your life. It will be useful in any phase on the life.

Encourage yourself

Praise every time on overcoming the habit. Suppose you taste success in quitting smoking for the first time, show thumbs up symbol to yourself and send success signal to the brain. Your brain will expect the same the next time also and thereby you are preparing yourself for the next victory. Once your brain accustomed to this it will be easier for the next time to follow.

Only a kick start is required, remaining things will happen automatically

Set Simple goals and reward yourself

Procrastination is also a bad habit to avoid and it is not as like the above discussed matter. It is somewhat different and you have to deal with different technique by splitting the whole thing into a simpler job and concentrate on individual one. This should not be made happen immediately and so practice small small things to happen and the combined effect will give a total result.

Adjust your watch 30 minutes before and do all the activity according the adjusted time, Forget about the original time. Concentrate on your adjusted watch time only.

You joined the work out class, but not going regularly wasting the fees. Try to visit the place atleast week end on Saturdays and  Sundays. Once it is accomplished, try to visit on alternate days like Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Earlier, you were not at all going now at least five days a week. Excellent improvement.. you admit? Like this you can make the habit regular and after that you can take one day rest in a week most probably on Sundays if you want

Same is the case for Office also.

Give simple treat to yourself for each success. Definitely within a particular period of time you will become a regular attendee and may be who knows you will become the “Employee of the year”

Take a vacation

Changing a place certainly change the habit since the brain will not expect the routine activity in totally a new place. New circumstance induce the mood for a change and you will feel a fresh experience


Meditation will bring peace and freshness to your soul. Improves your ability to overcome the bad habit. Close your eyes and breathe deeply.  Think over positively that you are getting out from the habit slowly. Imagine the fruitful results. Your imagination and continuous thinking about relieving from the habit will become true since only your imagination and thinking decides who you are.


How to avoid Procrastination


Procrastination is the attitude of postponing or delaying of doing a thing or job.  The very behavior is a stigma for the development of the personality of a person. The basic thing necessary to change this type of behavior is changing one’s outlook itself first.

how to avoid procrastination
how to avoid procrastination

Emotional Preparedness

To start or to do a job all the mere more important is emotion. This factor makes you to start in the right direction and end in perfect finish. So be prepared emotionally to do the job. A right start will bring you fruitful results. A small key only opens a big bungalow. So prepare yourself in the emotional way


The enlisting preferential work is priorities. Enlist the work in such a way i.e first, second etc but it is important to give the start at once and in no delay. Delaying a job makes you to frustrate at the last minute and so the whole thing will be spoiled at the end of the day due to hurry. If you are going to attend an interview tomorrow, keep ready the things essential today itself. Take the call letter and put it in the file which you are going to take with you for interview. Keep ready the clothes in a neat manner you are going to wear. Don’t find out for the shirts and pants on the morning of the interview day. Polish your shoes the previous day night itself. Like this you have to give priority to the most important thing first to finish and then select the next important and then the next. You have to identify and assign work on priority basis. Keep in mind that a missed opportunity is a missed life. No use in worrying after missing a chance

Division of work

There is a saying in politics i.e divide and rule. It applies aptly to this also because you can divide the whole job or work in small pieces and finish it easily

While doing so also you should start the hardest you thing first. Once it is done you feel easily in doing rest of the job

Let us imagine that you are preparing for competitive exam. Generally you have to get vast knowledge on various subjects like Science, History, Geography and Mathematics, current affairs and politics etc… and  for that, you are supposed to refer different books regarding this to prepare for the exam. Right? Don’t read all the subjects on a single stretch. If you feel that Geography is somewhat hard to you try to finish it off first. Go through the topics in it. Select anyone among them. Read it from top to bottom. Try to read it deeply. Get well versed on that and choose the next one. If you do like this, it will be easier for you and after that you should not feel Geography as a tough one anymore. Naturally, if you finish the hard one first, you will surely get a confidence within you and so the remaining will be easier for you


Motivation is important. In these also the self-motivation is all the more important as it makes easy for you to finish a job or work. The self-motivation must be louder as say “you have that and you can do this at ease and you will”.

Often read the positive thoughts of great philosophers. It will boost you

Stick the wordings on places where you see often like door, mirror etc

You must think about the reward or praise you will get at the end and this will push yourself through to success.

Pre Planning

Always have a pre plan. This is the best practice which should be followed throughout your life to overcome procrastination. Preplanning will prevent you from failures in all aspect. A Good preplanner achieves everything in his life

Consider you are planning for outing with family and for that you have to be at Airport at 8’o clock in the morning to catch a flight. Remember your place is 20 kms away from the local port. Normally by car it will take half an hour for travel to cover the said distance. But don’t start exactly at 7:30 from home. No doubt you may see or come cross many person in Airport who missed the flight and feeling bad for the delay.

Think for the situation that your car may get breakdown or you may caught in traffic jam since the Scheduled time is office goer’s time and the road will be busy as it is a peak time. Also keep in my mind it will consume time for check-in process also. Further, think the situation of your family members who are very eager for the trip but very much disappointed for missing the flight. Kindly consider the money loss incurred for all the tickets. So, by keeping all these aspects in mind, plan to start one hour before the usual time. Inform all your family members to be ready at 6:30 itself as per your preplan.

No matter if car gets breakdown. You are having plenty of time and so you can leave the car at garage also and take a taxi as per preplan. Traffic jam? No problem. You can even wait for extra few minutes also. Finally, think for the while the happiness in the face of your family which is more important than anything.

Being on time helps to avoid delay things and thereby no need to postpone the duty.

Keeping on postponing things will increase the pressure level in your body.

You may procrastinate the family trip and can arrange for the coming week also. Feel the feeling of your family members until then and definitely there will not be a normal situation till the next trip is succedded.

So pre plan every action, avoid procrastination and achieve the goal

Time Management

Each and every action has to be done on a particular time. Time factor is the most important thing in the life and so you should maintain punctuality at any cost. Don’t be a late goer. If you see the history you come to know that all successful person were really time conscious.  World will appreciate and accept the person who are punctual. Adjust your watch or cloak 15 minutes before the right time. Try to finish the job according to the adjusted time and forget about the original time. This will help you to accomplish the task somewhat earlier. Here it is also possible for you to finish the job in calm way without any hurry.


To get good environment makes the work or job partly done. The environment gives Philip to do better work. Environment will be in such a way that it should have less distraction. Select a place which will be calm and comfortable for you to accomplish the task without any interruption. This may be anything, say garden, library or even home alone. Choose anyone that gives you relaxation to work.

Listening to music

Doing a job continuously is sometimes boring..Right? The best way to avoid this is to listen a good music.  Hearing music with lyrics may distract you from work. So it is advisable to hear music without lyrics. It may be anything like Carnatic, jazz or western with melody rhythm will enhance your mood of doing a job.

Making a goal set

To achieve a thing you must set a goal first. To aim a goal is must. Aimlessness will not help at all. Make a goal also in black and white. Put it in writing to recall again and again to achieve the goal.All the best

What does being a outgoing person mean?

Being outgoing is nothing but the ability of a person to socialize with the society at large, or to put it in a rather easy way,his behavior attitude and interaction with other people in his environment. It means your way of behaving and interacting with someone you know or with a stranger. We can say ‘easy go type’ or ‘good to know’ person. Being outgoing is probably socialization in action in the modern society.

Being Outgoing meaning
Being Outgoing meaning

There are many number of criteria needed for being an outgoing or socialization person.  The life as we all know itself is a process of learning. From the inception to the end of the life we are all in this process. First of all knowledge is all the more important in life. We keep on acquiring knowledge and getting acknowledged .

There are various things you ought to have in life [e.g.] passion, patience, gratitude, respect to all beings especially fellow human beings. To be human is the more important.

To be outgoing try to approach the situation in the society. Don’t fly away   from occasions and happiness .Try to know about what is happening around  in your life.

Try to have inquest knowledge of all happenings. Don’t wait for others to invite. Try to approach yourself.

Try to talk to people with a open mind. Converse and communicate in proper and easy way. Ensure that your opinion reaches persons listening in the same and full meaning of yours. The skill of communication is important in all walks of life.

Be passionate in knowing things. Continuous and undeterred passion is must. While thinking, you should be positive. The positive vibe will boost your inner self.  In several arguments you must be prepared to accept the other person’s opinion if it is right and correct.  Try to inculcate the habit of thanks to even small things .That will increase your image.

While speaking with others you should look at the eyes of others and don’t stare somewhere else at that time. Then only others will have the satisfaction that you are listening. At new places try to introduce yourself. Don’t wait for others to do it.  While meeting new people don’t indulge in serious matters at first. Try to have open minded and simple queries and questions.

You should not hesitate to compliment others for good things. Try to know the subjects of common interest and talk about that.

You should be kind to weaker and needy people .Help them in all possible ways or what best you can. Help must be voluntary and not compulsion.

In work place, you should not be introvert and be alone at all time .Talk to all co-workers whether they are higher or lower in position. Politeness in speech is all the most important thing you should follow than anything.  You should not be arrogant at any place or at any time. In simple, you should always be soft and sweet. Be patient and non violent.

In modern days, your look and appearance plays an important role to judge about you .To look neat and reasonably dressed at all times is necessary. Always wear washed and bright clothes. Don’t wear dirty dresses. It will decrease your value. Be clean and neat.

Life without any goal is waste. You should have a good goal in your life and walk towards to achieve the same.

While speaking about socializing or outgoing in modern days is meeting different people and clubbing with them is necessary to know about different walks of life .You can get different ideas from various types of people you meet.

While looking good is important you must have some good hobbies also.

The hobbies will enhance the contacts you have which is useful in life.

So let you posses the aforesaid qualities and be a good outgoing or socializing person. Good luck.

How to not get upset or angry over small things

Getting upset or angry is human nature. Misunderstanding, work stress and conflict are some of the reason to get upset. Everybody gets tensed and upset if a situation arises that does not favor them. Does every situation  that we are put in to our daily lives always favors us? No, certainly not. It is impossible too. So it is better to know how to not get upset over these small things by making little changes to your thought process when you cannot change the environment. With a little knowledge and continuous practice, you can overcome your habit of getting upset over little things and you will be able to be happy in your life.

How to not get upset over small things
How to not get upset over small things

These techniques on how to not get upset or angry over small things will help you save you from frustration and trouble that you may be currently facing in your real life.

One Second Technique:

The moment you have decided to read this article you have taken the first step towards getting rid of your old habit of getting upset over trivial   things. It’s good to see you here. Kindly note that in the topic itself it is mentioned as ”small things”. Hence the first and basic step you should understand before getting pressure is to identify yourself the reason whether it is really worth to get tensed in this place, time and particularly for that small thing. If you think about that for a while, really you will feel that you don’t need to get tensed. A one second thinking will definitely bring miracle in that situation and it will totally change the conflict situation to a pleasant one.You will not understand the power of this technique unless and until you practice it in real life situations.

Changes in Body:

Do you know what really happens to your body if you get tensed? Actually our nervous system gets frustrated . This frustration automatically accelerates heart to beat faster, muscles become harder and sweating will be high. It disturbs your total Central Nervous system and makes you weaker. So Physically sitting or lying in a relaxed posture and wearing loosely fitting clothes and taking a pleasant shower will cool your state of mind considerably.

Take a deep Breath:

Whenever you are in angry mood, inhale deeply and have a deep breath. This will force you to intake more oxygen to your brain and it slows down your heart beat rate. Breath 4 or 5 times deeply at angry stage and you feel yourself that your mind is becoming fresh and calm. You will definitely feel your mind’s  change of state quickly

Counting Numbers:

This is also a one of good practice to calm down your mind. That too Counting the numbers in reverse order will even give much benefit than normal counting. This will allow you to distract you from your angry state of mind to some kind of counting concentration. Imagine you are feeling better and better when you are moving to the next number. You can do this exercise anywhere whether you are at Work place, home, theater , shopping mall and anywhere you feel when some situation arises that frustrates you.

Move out from Upset situation:

Suppose let us consider the situation that you are upset with your wife for a thing she has done already and you know that the situation is going to escalate to a quarrel shortly. During times like this, it will help you a lot if you move out physically from that place instead of arguing with her for some act which she had already committed. First stand up from that place, wear your shirt, tell her that you are really upset and go outside. Physically removing yourself and avoiding the unfavorable situation  is one of the best practice to follow to stop getting upset easily.

P.S :Someone commented that it is a bad idea to walkout of a situation and it is better to stand and face it.Yes,That is true for certain cases but remember we are talking about what to do when you face small issues. These kind of issues generally tend to fade away if you don’t make it bigger by saying or doing something stupid in the heat of the situation.

Take a Long Walk:

Walking is a good exercise to let your mind that upset feeling down. Try to find a park nearby your place or a nature green field.  Walk as much as possible. Imagine that each step you are letting your frustration down through your feet. Increase your number of rounds in park  until you feel calm and comfort.Ideally you can combine it with the previous technique to make it more effective. ie.. when you move out from the problem situation you can go out and take a walk by the Park.

Accept your Thought:

Try to observe your thought at the time of anger and frustration. Accept that you are upset. Getting Upset is a natural human emotion and we are experiencing from time to time. That’s all. Make a note of the reasons for why you should get angry? Make a list of it. Analyse yourself the reason that whether it is really worth and try to avoid that thing from the next time on wards. If the reason is a valid one try to accustom yourself to the real thing.

Self Realization:

Imagine that you are driving your new car. Think that a car from your rear side is trying to overtake yours And for that he is driving rashly and even coming closer like hitting the car and making scratches. Really you will feel upset right? On that time you should practice to tell yourself that these overtaking and rash driving are common while driving. We should not get tensed or upset for this  and all. Becoming upset instead of driving will even worse your driving skills and it will lead to disturb your concentration in driving and thereby making some other accident to occur. So calm yourself by saying “Some people are like this only.” You won’t be able to change the world. Instead  try to change yourself by not getting upset over small things.

Listen to Music:

Music has an extraordinary power to bring back calmness in your disturbed mind. Everyone loves to hear music, right? It’s a scientific and proven method to get yourself relaxed. There is no language for Music hence you can hear whatever you like whether it is classical, jazz, pop or rock. But some sort of classical and light music are more effective to spread happiness in both your mind and soul.

Overtaking Negative Thoughts:

Humans are generally well accustomed to negative thought rather than positive thinking. But you should compensate that negative thought by indulging positive thought over it and thereby creating a happier situation to yourself.  Sometimes you may think that “Nothing happens right for me, everything always getting messed up”. In this time you should change your thinking as “ Everything will be alright sooner” “The Day is mine and I will achieve it with the almighty “ “ I have ability to do and I will prove to world who am I” . Like this you have to re frame your thoughts by analyzing it

Do Physical Work

Doing physical work will release your tension. It will give you some sort of relaxation on completing the work. Go to your garden, pour water to all the plants. On finishing this activity, you will definitely feel a happier state of mind on seeing the faces of flowers which silently smiles and thanking you for watering it.

  • Clean unwanted garbage in the garden
  • Cut unwanted branches in the tree
  • Do Exercise  and regular exercise will relax and regulate your mood


Meditation is the best way to lower your stress level. Regular practice of meditation helps you to keep always in a happier mind. Early morning meditation improves your mind ability and it gives you always a free state of mind

Try this simple steps when you get frustrated try to practice these techniques on how to not get upset or angry over small things.

How to Change your drinking habit – Part Two

Today you can see most of the people around us are addicted to any one of the bad habits. Somehow or other they are addicted and now they are struggling to come out from the same. They even don’t know what to do to overcome this habit. Whatever the habit, whether the habit is minor one like biting the nail with your teeth or major health ruining habits like smoking / liquor drinking, a small conscious effort will make you to get away the habit from you. If you are the person who is looking for the remedy and by chance you are reading this article, I can tell for sure that you are the most blessed one.

Change drinking habit
Change drinking habit

Make a note:

If you are a person willing to overcome a habit, Put a habit notebook separately and enter your actions. Watch yourself for at least one week or 10 days.  Try to make note of the habit on regular intervals, whenever you do the habit or feel tempted to perform it. This helps you to find yourself how often you are forced to practice the habit. After analyzing the frequency of doing, slowly cut down the numbers. If suppose you are addicted to junk food for 5 times a day, try to bring the no. of times from 5 to 4 per day , then from 4 to 3, like this. This will help you to minimize the habit and at certain stage you find yourself out of the habit naturally.

Think over the bad effects of the bad habit

If you feel that everything goes smoothly from morning to evening till the time comes for you  touching the alcohol and you are very much aware that drinking is not good for health and still you are not  able to stop? .Well. Think over the aftermath of drinking which happens suddenly consuming liquor. First of all, you yourself don’t know what you are doing under the influence of alcohol. That is, you are doing thinks even without your knowledge. You may experience the situation that you and your friend would have gone together for boozing last night and if you see him at morning he will not speak with you or even he will stare at you. You didn’t know what exactly happened yesterday night and after that you come to know the real situation that there was a quarrel between you and your companion. Just a liquid makes you to do things without your conscious. Only animals do things without their knowledge .You are human..right?. Definitely you may experience the hangover tomorrow morning which makes you to feel uncomfortable. It is an obstacle for doing your duty. Your regular works are affected by this headache it produces. Finally all your works are spoiled just due to the intake of alcohol last night.

Mainly, your social status will be completely diminished.

Think about the health problems like Tuberculosis, cancer formed due to smoking and liver bulging, , jaundice,  heart attack, nervous weakness due to liquor drinking. Kindly note here if you have any problem in kidney it may be adjusted since humans are having 2 kidneys. if one is affected , it can be managed by the other one or even you can undergo kidney transplantation or something like that. But if Liver is affected, nothing can be done.  No transplantation can be made. Such a difficult and wonderful part it is. Jaundice is a silent killer.

Think about the family for a while

Think about the situation of your family if suppose something has happened to you. You may definitely have beautiful partner, lovable kids and affectionate parents.  Who will look after them? Who will take care them?

Anybody will replace your loss? Moreover is there any replacement? You are unique and no one should fulfill your place.  If you feel next time to think about smoking/ drinking, bring all this things into your mind. Think for a while. Why should you want to spoil your own health and put your near and dears into unpleasant situation.  Those who are having real affection with their family won’t do this habit if they think about these things…Right? Hope you are also having true affection?

Changing the game over

Keeping all this things in mind, try to avoid this bad habit by paying little attention over it. If you feel to have liquor, change your mind set. Go to a super market and have any health drink. It will improve your stamina. Have real fresh juices like Mango, Orange and grapes. It contains more vitamins.

If you feel smoking, have a cup of green tea instead. It will refresh you. It will make you to do your work more active. Chew bubble gum whenever you feel smoking. It is an exercise for your face making the muscles stronger and brings your face a correct shape.

Keeping Stomach full

This is one of the easiest ways to avoid drinking. Don’t let your stomach to feel hungry. If you feel hungry, give something to grind your intestine. At any cost don’t leave your stomach empty. Because an empty stomach can induce drinking feel. If you keep your stomach full, then you are not possible to take anything more and gradually you won’t take alcohol also.

Getting rid of habit temptation

Takeaway all the things which makes you to remember the habit. If you are a regular drinker, take away all the old bottles from your house and throw it in dustbin. Don’t meet people who tempt you to drink. Avoid those persons. They are more dangerous. They themselves will not recover from the habit and never allow others like you to recover. First of all, cut their friendship.

If you cross or visit places which makes you to feel drink. Don’t go there. Instead take alternate direction and travel in some other way or street.

If you are accustomed to drink daily by a certain time, utilize the time for any other creative work . Engage yourself. Spend quality time with your children. Play with them. Go to nearby park with your kids and discuss with them. Have a friendly chat. This will make them to feel happy and pleasant.

Avoid the objects, people and places which force you to fall in the habit.

Other way around

Consider you are a snacks eater often and you want to get rid of the bad habit. Move the junk food to difficult to access location in your kitchen/ dining hall. Delete the food items from your purchase list. Next time if you go to shopping mall, move away from the junk items section. Buy protein rich items instead. Don’t visit that particular area. Take with you the exact money for the purchase and don’t take with you any extra/ additional money so that you can avoid buying it.

If you think that you are spending most of your time with mobile itself wasting precious time unwanted and planning in mind not to practice it anymore. Attend calls only if you feel it as important. Avoid unnecessary argument with friends over phone.  Try to convey the matter in simple way. Close the subject short and sweetly. Try not to roaming always on internet. Don’t view unnecessary advertisement. Activate Airplane mode. Suppose If you are In hall, keep the phone in some other room.

Making the habit unpleasant

Adding extra thing to the habit for the sake of making it unpleasant is the other way to come out from the habit. Good example for this is nail biting. If you feel you are a continuous nail bitter, apply something on your nail which you don’t like or makes you to irritate. There are some products available which gives bad odor or souring taste each time you bring your finger near your mouth to bite.

Be cautious

If you feel yourself that you are suppose going to do the habit again, keep thinking yourself that you are succeeding in the process of practicing the bad habit to let off and you should not return to the same nasty condition again. Give orders to your mind “Don’t do it, Don’t do it” continuously. Get away from the situation. If your smoking friend is taking one from cigarette pocket, tell him “No thanks. No thanks”. Change the topic and start speaking some other interesting subject. So that you are also able to escape from the compulsion scenario.

Appreciate yourself

If you find Success in achieving your target of leaving the bad habit for the first time, Award and appreciate yourself. See the level of confidence you had on that time. Give simple treat to yourself. It may take several attempts to reach this stage. But don’t give up. Be positive. Once you taste the success, you will be able to follow it continuously.

Change the place

Relieving from the habit will be made possible if you are put in a different location. A change of place will place a new change in your life. Because old and same place may induce you to do the habit again and again. Brain is accustomed in that way only. Go for a weekend trip. Visit new places with friends/ family.  Enjoy the different situation

Utilizing the same time for good one

If you have been wasted 2 or 3 hours per day for drinking and now you are trying to come out from the bad thing…Good. Use this time for a more creative and useful purpose.  Join a drawing class. Bring out the artist within you. If you don’t know how to swim, join swimming class. It will be very useful when a critical situation arises. Why not try for a gym? Improve your body physic and structure. Be healthy.

Exercise regularly

Exercise will bring you out from the habit and make you feel comfortable. If you start giving importance to maintain your health, you won’t again go for the bad habit which affects the health. So practice exercise

Seek help

If you feel disguised, contact your friend or well wisher who is having true interest over you . Put your ears on their advise. Call them whenever you feel negative. Ask them to give you some examples of how they left the habit


When you feel you are going to fall in the bad habit again, immediately meditate. Stop doing things whatever it may be. Close your eyes and be feel yourself strong that you have capacity to overcome this simple thing. It is nothing to you and feel you have more powers within you.  Think “You can and certainly you will be”.

How to feel excited about life again after a breakup

Most people feel that a Break-up is the end of their life.There is so much life to live after a heartbreak but some people think to end up your life by taking wrong decisions .To be strong during break up is somewhat hard only, but it is not impossible. You can change the impossible to possible by bringing out  little changes in your mind set. That’s so simple as that. Break up is normal happening these days  and you should be well prepared to accustom whatever the worst comes in your life because you never know what will happen at the next second in your life. If you are ready to handle this situation this article will help to find ways of handling the same in a positive manner.

Feel excited again in life after breakup
Feel excited again in life after breakup

Be Practical:

Set right your mind. Understand that pain is normal to all and you are not the exemption for that. Accept the pain and adjust your mind set according to the situation. You are not the only person in the world who experienced break up and there is more and more number of persons waiting in the court queue daily for their separation legally. Whatever the case it may be, from just married couples who lived together for just 2 or 3 months to long lived couples for 20 or 30 years. So you should not feel that you are the unique in this world struggling worse. There are many more known/unknown cases that are even worse than you. This is true and you should believe it

Cry Loud

Let the sorrow be out from your mind in the form of tears. Recent Research tells,” Those who cries a lot in their sadness relieves quickly than those who didn’t cry”. So, don’t feel shy to cry. If you keep your sorrows within you dumping in the brain itself, it increases the pressure, affects your nervous systems which in turn make you sick.  Cry loud and release your sorrow to go off from you. Try someone’s shoulder that you can trust.   Allow your tears to shed and be feel relaxed

Identifying and find the root cause

Imagine you and your girl friend are dating for the last 4 or 5 years and consider the terrible situation that you two have been break up recently somehow or  other due to some reasons. It’s really pathetic..Know?  Maximum Try to convince her for the thing which made you for break up. Be honest in your reason and don’t ever try to cheat the lady love. It’s not good for a healthy life. Tell her that error is human nature. Promise her for not repeating the same mistake. Not only the same mistake, try to mostly avoid any kind of mistake which hurts her.  Most probably she will be convinced if both of you have a good understanding.  Speak with her open heartedly. Most of the problem in this world will be solved if both the side’s views are spoken clearly without any ego. Even problem between two countries is solved by UNO just by conversation and by examining their views. Or otherwise it will lead to war between two countries. If a war can be stopped by mutual and open discussion why not yours. So try definitely you will be succeeded

Analyze your inner thought

Breakups can make you to doubt your self worth. It may make you to feel “You are useless and fit for nothing” or “you are the victim and this breakup will ruin your life”. Remember these are your own feeling and most probably these things are not as true as you feel. Worldly things are different from your inner feel. Sometimes it is totally controversial.   Change your mind to think as “This is not my fault” and “You are in pain now and Anyway it will be OK shortly “.

Think about the positive and good character you have. Think about any help you did to your friend and his appreciation how supportive you are?

Avoid violence activity like punching the door, hitting the car, breaking the glass or even tearing the pillow. It will not definitely going to solve your problem and it increase your anger and pressure only.

Distract your mind

Don’t going on thinking about the past thing-the breakup. What happened is happened only. You are not going to rewind back to the Past and set right the things. However it is not possible also to restructure a thing which happened in the past since time can’t be brought back.  Instead allow your mind to concentrate on creative things . Keep yourself busy.

If you know painting, try to paint a natural scene with mountains and rivers. Paint a smiling baby face. It decreases your tension.

Write a poem on your own. Don’t care about the grammar mistake. As per medical studies, Writing cut down your tension and stress into half

Hear Good music. Listening to music throws away all your depression and makes you fresh

Go to a pub and dance. Dancing skill makes both your body and mind active

Read nice books. Reading self confidence books will boost your energy.

Don’t again and again feel about the break up only and try to distract the mind to any of the above said thing since distraction is the immediate medicine which will heal the mind wound and relieves pain

Positive self improvement Quotes

The result of break up surely makes you to feel unworthy and making negative things to enter your mind. You may think “You are unlucky or your life is full of destruction and sorrows or success is far away from your life” .Don’t let this type of things in your mind. Paste the following proverbs in the hand wash mirror, windows or doors

You are the special person in the world and you are here to achieve something in the world

You are capable and nobody is equivalent to you

God is always with you and you can do anything with his blessings

You are here to make wonder in the world

Nobody will replace your position and you are such a valuable person

You are lovable and caring and many more people need you

Stick these messages wherever possible and often see this

Throw away the mementos and gifts

Get rid of your ex’s things you have. Throw it off to dustbin. Do you think holding your ex’s photo or any gift with you will change the situation. Past is past. It will hold you from healing and not allow moving on. Don’t visit places where you used to meet your ex. identify a new date spot and try to form new relationship.

Never try to contact your Ex. Delete his/her phone number from the contact list.

Remember keeping things of a relationship you don’t have any more will nothing to do

Stay away from phone. Block the contact. Don’t look up the pages in social media.


Exercise is the best way to vent of tension and stress. Regular exercise will keep you to stay fit and calm. Endorphins which released in brain during exercise makes you feel happy. Allot at least 30 minutes time daily.

Travel and stay outdoors

Meet your friends and plan for an outing. Go to hill station. Have a nice bath in waterfalls. Go for a trekking. Light campfire and sing your favorite song with friends. A change of place will definitely bring you a change in mind state. Enjoy the nature up to the full swing.   Laugh with your friends as Laughter is the best medicine for pain.

Outlook change

Go to Spa and change your hair style. By changing the hairstyle you really get a new look. Keep in mind this new look should be in the way which should boost your confident level.

Join a gym. Bring your physic in shape. Having fit body increases confident within you.

Visit shopping mall and buy a perfect outfit which fits your shape. Try for a new variety which you never wear.

Try to bring a change within you.

Getting a new opportunity and changing your interest over other

Your girl friend/ wife may have breakup with you. Do you think “Life is over just because of this single person?”  Get Lesson from this breakup. Understand this is just a part of life. Also remember he/she is not the exact pair may be and that’s why you met with break up without mutual understanding. Utilize the opportunity. Now you are free and you may get a chance to find out a real apt pair for you. Identify a person who really impresses you as per your taste. Do you think that your Ex is the single available opposite sex in the world for your love or to live together? There are plenty of people who will love you even better than your Ex. Start a new happy life


How to handle and deal with disappointment in relationships

Why do we feel Disappointment in a relationship?

How to handle disappointment in relationships
How to handle disappointment in relationships

Disappointment is a thing which all of us don’t want to experience in our life somehow or other. What is Disappointment? It is just a feeling when you expect something and it doesn’t materialize the way you expected it to be. If you get Disappointment that means you are expecting something from others. Here I would like to explain the fact that the reason behind the disappointment is nothing but Expectation. So expect less from others. Increase your contribution instead of expecting other to do for you. If you decrease your expectation level your disappointment will also be eventually decreased. Totally shorten your expectation then naturally you don’t have to meet disappointment at all. This is the main thing you should follow in order to avoid disappointment.

Above one is one important way to avoid disappointment in your life. Now let us see the other ways how to handle disappointment in relationship in detailed manner

Understand the Reality

Always try to understand and read the reality of the situation . Let us do a casestudy.For example ,let’s say you are planning to surprise your partner by taking her outside for dinner tonight and you are returning by car from Office earlier than usual time. Remember that even you have not informed her about the plan. But when you reached home and found that your partner is not there and gone to visit her friends place without telling you. How do you feel in this situation? Definitely you will feel disappointed and you immediately call her and shout at her and express your anger over phone itself which paves the way for more misunderstandings to grow in your relationship. Here in this Particular situation you should have patience and trust for a while that your spouse will not go anywhere without informing you and that she would have a real good reason to do so. May be there must be any emergency situation for a need for your partner to be present there. No point in waiting anxiously and imagining negative thought till she returns back. Moreover you yourself have not informed her about the dinner outside and how should you expect her to inform you. Today is not the end day and you shall go for dinner tomorrow also. So this example just shows why you should not get disappointed for this simple thing and try to find the reality behind the scene.

Letting your feelings out

If your major life goal is suddenly closed you will definitely get disappointed and you may go in to a mourning stage. In this time, let your emotions out and cry. According to Medical Science, letting your emotion is healthier than suppressing it. Don’t feel ashamed to cry. Go to any private place like your bed room or bath room let your emotion out in the way of tears and cry as much as possible until you feel relaxed. Bring back your mind to the normal stage and come out.

Identify the reason

If something went wrong and you feel disappointed then try to find the root cause for the disappointment. Take a paper and write down what are all the reasons for your failure. Analyze it on all ways and find the fact. Write a note for better improvement. Think what all the possible ways for development are. After finding the failure reason, omit it and never ever do the same mistake next time. Create a better environment and move forward.

Put Continuous Effort

If you get disappointed, don’t get frustrated. Patience and calmness are the two eyes you should see through on that time for handling disappointment.  Induce Positive thinking. Imagine what all the possible ways to handle the situation are. Suppose you have some misunderstanding with your partner and you felt really sorry for that and approach her for apology. But she denies to speak with you .Really your condition will be pathetic, no? Don’t let your hope down. Do something which influences her. Try to do any one activity which she urges you to do generally at the normal time. Do small small help in her kitchen activity. This will make her to let anger out. Keep on trying until she turns to you and show the sign of smile in her face. You should do it in such a way that your softer approach towards her will make her to bring back the normal situation. Everything will be OK then if she is back to normal

Have Perspective look

Suppose your girl friend broke up with you instead of proposing, naturally you feel upset and pain. But realize that you are still bachelor and not married and have the opportunity to date many persons. Always ask yourself “Will this matter one year from now? A month? One week? Anyway you are going to be married shortly, Right? After marriage, the new person will be there to take care you and in the next few months you even better love your wife more than your girl friend. You participated in a competition and not awarded. Will this matter when you come up with pass grade in semester? You are supposed to play in Football finals and you are injured right now which is unfortunate, but you can play next year. Often asking this type of questions in your mind relieve you and help you to come out from the disappointment

Don’t let your mind to fill with small small rubbish things and all. Be clear and have positive approach always .

Utilizing the existing opportunity

Let us consider that you have applied for a famous top rated college in the city and it is your long time dream to study in. It’s a terrible news when you come to know that you didn’t get an admission. But you can still continue the studies and you have the opportunity to go to second choice college. You can even score good marks here and try to have university first degree in this college and join your college of your dreams for a Post graduate study. Always try to utilize the given opportunity and don’t feel and sulk about the unavailable one. Make your mind to accept and embrace the available opportunity.

Same will be the case if you attended an interview very well and expecting a job from a esteemed big organization that didn’t come through. Don’t get disappointed. May be lots and lots of opportunities are waiting outside to fulfill your desire and don’t get tensed for the chance you didn’t get. May be that opens the door to apply for other job that you really don’t expect which one may be really good than the previous company

Learn from Mistake and Accept

For instance, you are received a divorce notice from your partner for a legal break-up. Surely you feel bad for the situation. First, try to explain her and make her feel comfort. Always be true with your partner.  Ask her not to take hasty decisions. Know the reason from her which makes her to issue the notice .Avoid those mistakes and correct yourself. Explain her what happened is happened and Promise her for not doing the same mistake again hereafter and start for the new Happier life.

Comparing with the worst

Be grateful and thankful for what you are having presently. Don’t care about the lost one. You will note that there are lot more good things in your life than bad. Thank God for that. Compare your  disappointment with the real worst affected persons like those who lost their home to fire, lost their lives in flood, lost leg or hand in Accident. If you do this you get a clear picture nothing this bad has ever happened to you.  Now you may feel that you are in a better situation than most others.

Spend time with Family and friends:

Moving out with your Mom or your best buddy will make you feel better and recover from the disappointment you had. Seek her advice. Discuss with someone how they handled the same problem if they have been in similar situation before. Listen to good music. Music will help to heal the wound.

Read some inspirational books and underline the sentence what you like the most. Get inspired on reading. Read optimistic books which inspires you. Take a long walk .

Disappointment is an emotion which occurs when what you want to happen doesn’t happen. Keep that in mind.

Keep hope alive. Keeping hope alive is the success mantra for happier life. Stay optimistic. Keep things positive and all of the good things will happen automatically

How to change your drinking habit and stop negative thoughts

Most people start to develop the habit of drinking alcohol in their teen.Drinking is a habit which starts in their life as a fun thing to do with friends to socialize but on continuous usage it ruins their life completely . These days we come across many people who become addict to this habit and most of them start feeling guilty for not able to overcome this habit. Even celebrities have lost their life and carrier to this bad habit.

By the end of this session, you will definitely have confidence to at least take the initial steps  to overcome this habit.

Change Drinking Habits
Change Drinking Habits

Beginning stage of drinking:Typically a person starts to drink either in parties just for fun or due to the compulsion of friends. Those who don’t give in to friends compulsion to drink or to social pressure are the blessed ones and they are the strong minded people. This article is only for the remaining people  who wants to quit this habit and have tried everything but failed.

Basic step-Have Real faith:If you have decided to quit the drinking habit it means that you have already taken the first step towards a  happier and healthier life. But be cautious the step you have taken should go forward only and in any situation you should not take a backward step. For this, you should have strong faith/ belief in your inner conscious. The not so good news is that getting confidence at initial stage is somewhat hard . But it is 100 % possible if we undergo some continuous training. To get this confidence, everyday while getting up from the bed, you have to tell yourself that I have planned to stop drinking habit and May God give power and ability not to touch alcohol at least for today at any cost. This is simple but very powerful technique to avoid alcohol. By keeping on avoiding on a day by day process at a certain stage you yourself will be surprised that you have been away from that habit for  a long period.

Mindset for quitting:We can see most of the people who have started practicing quitting drinking habit will abandon their resolution at the beginning stage itself due to their incorrect thinking of what their friends will think about them. Don’t let others to decide your life. You live your own life. No one has rights to interfere in your life and it is you who have full ability to shape your life happier. Don’t worry about your friends and  particularly drinking companions who make fun of you. Let them criticize but think that ultimately you are going to benefit truly rather than them .

Doctors Advice:A Moderate drinker shall quit drinking habit even without consulting the doctor. But if you have the following symptoms it is better to consult a doctor for counseling

  • No concentration at work
  • Getting tensed for small small things also
  • Postponing important things to do and instead spending that time in drinking
  • Fast Heart Beat
  • Frequent sweating
  •  Anxiety
  • Unwanted and Frequent quarrel with Friends, Family & with co-workers
  • Less interest for other activities except drinking
  • Not feeling hungry

It is advisable and better to recover with the help of Medical assistance for the described cases.Never think that you are doing this alone, there are plenty of people around you like your spouse, parents, good friends, well wishers and Medical team want to help you.

Quitting Attitude:Don’t plan to hide your quitting idea to others. There is nothing shame on this. You are not going to give up a good friend or cheating others. Instead you yourself shape your own life with good things. You can openly and strongly let the world to know that you are in the liquor quitting process . This open announcement itself changes the thought about you for some good reasons. So be open to others.

A Friend’s Story Indeed:Here I would like to tell about one of my newly married Friend’s story whose life was totally affected by drinking habit and how he overcame after lot of struggles.Unlike others he also used to start that habit occasionally in parties or with friends once in a month or week. Life went smoothly while it was under his control and the problem started whenever he exceeds the limit.

Due to that he used to quarrel daily  with his wife over small things and so there was no opportunity  for them to mutually understand others.

On the other hand at work place, the habit had made him not to reach Office at time, not possible to concentrate at work, not allowing to finish the job on time etc. Further the alcohol smell which came from him made the coworkers feel disgusted and it forced them to complaint about him to management.

So with all these black marks against him the Management decided to take action against him and fire him from service. The pressure about the suspension from duty and this jobless situation gradually paved the way for him to drink more .(since he had plenty of time)

Note: Here I insist that before he was accustomed to drinking habit he was such a nice person, very prompt on his duty , cared for his family and friends, organized & Participated in all social activities and public functions etc.

In the mean time his wife was conceived and it was about time to give birth to the baby.

Not even carrying about her pregnancy his alcoholic addiction made him to continue  his quarrel till delivery. This situation affected both her body and mind and as a result of this she was not able to give birth to the baby and the fetus expired in her womb itself prior to delivery.

After sometime due to the lack of proper understanding he was separated from his wife also legally.

He lost his life, career, reputation, social status, wife and his child.

At this point of time you should think over it about the reason behind all these problems in his life?

Just because of alcohol.

So you should get rid of that enemy from your life which ruins all your pleasure.

Days gone and due to the effort of his well wishers he is alright now and leads the life without alcohol .Am very happy about his recovery and he is very much better than his earlier life and very well settled also.

Returning to the article, lets continue our ways to quit drinking habit

Have Food Often

Whenever you have drinking thought, eat something what you like most. Eating a meal before drinking will eventually reduces the interest of drinking. Avoid hungry feeling. Keep your stomach full filled always. Because if you fulfill your stomach there is no possibility for you to take alcohol.

You can even drink lot of water if you feel the urge to drink.

Change your schedule

If you used to drink regularly at a particular time or particular place means, try to utilize that time in a different activity. For example, imagine you are drinking daily at 7’o clock at night after returning from work home. Instead go to Church, park , read books, have good conversation with friends .You yourself try to deviate from that mood. This will help you to decrease the chance of drinking

Similarly if you are tensed to drink if you cross over a particular place like where wine shop is located, avoid going over there. Instead you can change your direction and take diversion and take some other alternative way to reach your place.

By doing like this, you can reduce the chances for drinking significantly

Avoid ‘Glass mates’

If you started to follow alcohol quit process, first I insist you to not to stay in touch with your drinking friends. Stay away from them. Most of them will even comment and will force you to take alcohol. Keep in mind and no cost you should not get back from your step and be confident


Here to raise confident level, am providing you the idea of practicing meditation. Meditation is the best way to keep yourself calm and to have positive energy. It will help you to develop good thought and good feelings in you. You should hear about the Saints and Sithars in India who got so many powers through Meditation which even you will not imagine. That much power Meditation will give to you

Support Team

Nowadays so many institutions and welfare organization are available to give their support hand for the needy who are willing to avoid the monster named alcohol.

Seek the help of Alcohol Anonymous (AA) an organization for the prosperity of liquor addicts which spread all over the world. They will help your speedy recovery from this habit

Many Alcohol de-addiction centers are there now ready to do service for drink addicts to restrain.

You should remind yourself that if you were willing to try quitting so many times in the past, you have the ability to try again. Please remember this. There is no age limit nor is it ever too late to try to quit drinking. Even if the last thing that you do is quit, the victory of quitting pays for itself and gives hope to other people. Above anything,First your health will be in sound condition. Your name in the society turns good and the social respect you re going to earn is marvelous

Think of something that Inspires you and motivates you.

Believe you can do it

Everything is possible for you and every power is within you

God is always with you so nothing can stop you

I hope you are now very much confident to quit alcohol.My final advice is once you stop the thoughts about drinking you will stop the drinking habit,so develop positive thoughts in your mind and you will succeed quitting the habit and in your life.

Read more mindset changes required to change your drinking habits below

How to Change your drinking habit – Part Two