How to not get upset or angry over small things

Getting upset or angry is human nature. Misunderstanding, work stress and conflict are some of the reason to get upset. Everybody gets tensed and upset if a situation arises that does not favor them. Does every situation  that we are put in to our daily lives always favors us? No, certainly not. It is impossible too. So it is better to know how to not get upset over these small things by making little changes to your thought process when you cannot change the environment. With a little knowledge and continuous practice, you can overcome your habit of getting upset over little things and you will be able to be happy in your life.

How to not get upset over small things
How to not get upset over small things

These techniques on how to not get upset or angry over small things will help you save you from frustration and trouble that you may be currently facing in your real life.

One Second Technique:

The moment you have decided to read this article you have taken the first step towards getting rid of your old habit of getting upset over trivial   things. It’s good to see you here. Kindly note that in the topic itself it is mentioned as ”small things”. Hence the first and basic step you should understand before getting pressure is to identify yourself the reason whether it is really worth to get tensed in this place, time and particularly for that small thing. If you think about that for a while, really you will feel that you don’t need to get tensed. A one second thinking will definitely bring miracle in that situation and it will totally change the conflict situation to a pleasant one.You will not understand the power of this technique unless and until you practice it in real life situations.

Changes in Body:

Do you know what really happens to your body if you get tensed? Actually our nervous system gets frustrated . This frustration automatically accelerates heart to beat faster, muscles become harder and sweating will be high. It disturbs your total Central Nervous system and makes you weaker. So Physically sitting or lying in a relaxed posture and wearing loosely fitting clothes and taking a pleasant shower will cool your state of mind considerably.

Take a deep Breath:

Whenever you are in angry mood, inhale deeply and have a deep breath. This will force you to intake more oxygen to your brain and it slows down your heart beat rate. Breath 4 or 5 times deeply at angry stage and you feel yourself that your mind is becoming fresh and calm. You will definitely feel your mind’s  change of state quickly

Counting Numbers:

This is also a one of good practice to calm down your mind. That too Counting the numbers in reverse order will even give much benefit than normal counting. This will allow you to distract you from your angry state of mind to some kind of counting concentration. Imagine you are feeling better and better when you are moving to the next number. You can do this exercise anywhere whether you are at Work place, home, theater , shopping mall and anywhere you feel when some situation arises that frustrates you.

Move out from Upset situation:

Suppose let us consider the situation that you are upset with your wife for a thing she has done already and you know that the situation is going to escalate to a quarrel shortly. During times like this, it will help you a lot if you move out physically from that place instead of arguing with her for some act which she had already committed. First stand up from that place, wear your shirt, tell her that you are really upset and go outside. Physically removing yourself and avoiding the unfavorable situation  is one of the best practice to follow to stop getting upset easily.

P.S :Someone commented that it is a bad idea to walkout of a situation and it is better to stand and face it.Yes,That is true for certain cases but remember we are talking about what to do when you face small issues. These kind of issues generally tend to fade away if you don’t make it bigger by saying or doing something stupid in the heat of the situation.

Take a Long Walk:

Walking is a good exercise to let your mind that upset feeling down. Try to find a park nearby your place or a nature green field.  Walk as much as possible. Imagine that each step you are letting your frustration down through your feet. Increase your number of rounds in park  until you feel calm and comfort.Ideally you can combine it with the previous technique to make it more effective. ie.. when you move out from the problem situation you can go out and take a walk by the Park.

Accept your Thought:

Try to observe your thought at the time of anger and frustration. Accept that you are upset. Getting Upset is a natural human emotion and we are experiencing from time to time. That’s all. Make a note of the reasons for why you should get angry? Make a list of it. Analyse yourself the reason that whether it is really worth and try to avoid that thing from the next time on wards. If the reason is a valid one try to accustom yourself to the real thing.

Self Realization:

Imagine that you are driving your new car. Think that a car from your rear side is trying to overtake yours And for that he is driving rashly and even coming closer like hitting the car and making scratches. Really you will feel upset right? On that time you should practice to tell yourself that these overtaking and rash driving are common while driving. We should not get tensed or upset for this  and all. Becoming upset instead of driving will even worse your driving skills and it will lead to disturb your concentration in driving and thereby making some other accident to occur. So calm yourself by saying “Some people are like this only.” You won’t be able to change the world. Instead  try to change yourself by not getting upset over small things.

Listen to Music:

Music has an extraordinary power to bring back calmness in your disturbed mind. Everyone loves to hear music, right? It’s a scientific and proven method to get yourself relaxed. There is no language for Music hence you can hear whatever you like whether it is classical, jazz, pop or rock. But some sort of classical and light music are more effective to spread happiness in both your mind and soul.

Overtaking Negative Thoughts:

Humans are generally well accustomed to negative thought rather than positive thinking. But you should compensate that negative thought by indulging positive thought over it and thereby creating a happier situation to yourself.  Sometimes you may think that “Nothing happens right for me, everything always getting messed up”. In this time you should change your thinking as “ Everything will be alright sooner” “The Day is mine and I will achieve it with the almighty “ “ I have ability to do and I will prove to world who am I” . Like this you have to re frame your thoughts by analyzing it

Do Physical Work

Doing physical work will release your tension. It will give you some sort of relaxation on completing the work. Go to your garden, pour water to all the plants. On finishing this activity, you will definitely feel a happier state of mind on seeing the faces of flowers which silently smiles and thanking you for watering it.

  • Clean unwanted garbage in the garden
  • Cut unwanted branches in the tree
  • Do Exercise  and regular exercise will relax and regulate your mood


Meditation is the best way to lower your stress level. Regular practice of meditation helps you to keep always in a happier mind. Early morning meditation improves your mind ability and it gives you always a free state of mind

Try this simple steps when you get frustrated try to practice these techniques on how to not get upset or angry over small things.

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