What does it mean when a girl ties her hair up Back-Hands Up-Body Language Meaning

Have you ever been in a normal conversation with women and out of blue without warning they raise their hands behind their neck and start tying up their hair and you are distracted and were wondering whether to keep talking or to look away.

Girl Tying up hair-Body Language
Girl Tying up hair-Body Language

So now you want to know what it means when a girl ties her hair Back with her hands up and behind her neck.Maybe you have already made up some meaning in your mind.You are thinking that she made a seductive move at you and replaying the moment in your mind when she raised her hands and exposed her body to your gaze and the never ending process of tying her hair up.

Firstly,I have to admit that Answering this particular Body language is more error prone and tough as it can mean a thousand different things but let’s cover every detail and come up with its meaning.But take my interpretation with a pinch of salt.

Yes this particular body language gesture appears super hot and seductive to most men and very few are Turned off by it even though most feel a bit uncomfortable about how to react to it.Reacting to this body language gesture is a whole art in itself but it is safe  to say that don’t get carried away and respond based on your comfort level with the other person or don’t respond at all.

Some of the reasons women ties her hair up Back raising her hands up and behind her head are

  • She gets ready to do some task and she ties her hair properly as a ponytail or bun so that the hair does not fall on her face when she is doing the task
  • She thinks she is untidy and just wants to appear good and neat so she ties her hair properly.
  • she just did it naturally without thinking about it.

So this is why it is hard to give a specific meaning to this particular body language gesture.Any body saying that she ties her hair to dazzle you is just saying what you desperately wanted to hear.But if you are sure that the other person is attracted to you look out for other body language gesture that suggests it to confirm before making your next move.

What does it mean when someone yawns while talking to you

When someone yawns while we are talking with them,the first thing that comes to our mind is that they are feeling bored with the conversation.Having said that it can mean a lot of other things depending on the context and we should not generalize the meaning of yawning to just boredom and disinterest.I have heard people that they get upset when someone with whom they are conversing yawns while they are talking because they consider it disrespectful.It should not be so because one should understand that Yawning is a socially acceptable human behavior.

Yawning meaning
Yawning Body language meaning

Let us first understand some discreet facts about yawning before dwelling deep to find its meaning.

  • Yawning is contagious and there is already enough proof and studies conducted to prove that it is true.It is also true that when you have good vibes with someone you will feel the urge to yawn if you see them yawning.
  • Yawning occurs naturally when the diaphragm is pushed up and body inhales and exhales in a relaxed manner.But you will be also able to  yawn on purpose just by thinking about it or by starting to fake a yawn and you will be surprised to find that you have successfully invoked a natural yawn .(and also by writing about yawning,as i just found out now)
  • Science says that yawning is a involuntary action of the body to help the brain with more oxygen.Some even suggests that yawning helps cool down the temperature of the brain which in turn helps it to function more efficiently.

Sometimes people fake a yawn to convey something to the people around them.For instance if you ask you kids to study at night or pack their schoolbags they will yawn.As already mentioned above if you start to fake the yawn you may end up yawning for real and this makes it hard to differentiate between a real and fake yawn.Some people,particularly those in a authority position(Eg:A teacher and student) go mad when someone they are in conversation with yawn.If you are one of them you should learn to keep your cool but having said that some people really have the bad habit of yawning loudly and vocally in public. Some Religions like Islam for instance forbid their people from yawning vocally with a ‘Haa…’ sound and they attribute it to the laughing of the devil inside.


Eyes looking up and to the right-What does it mean?

What does it mean when a person starts looking up to their right and stays that way for at least a few seconds and keep on repeating that gesture again and again either when they are in a conversation with you or just sitting silently opposite you in a table?As per the Eye cue charts of NLP(Neuro linguistic Programming) a Person’s eye looks up to their Right when they are actively constructing images in their head.Some Neuro linguistic Practitioners  over generalize this and just say that a person is lying when their eyes look up to their right.

Note that i have said ‘eyes look up to THEIR right’ everywhere to make it clear that their eyes are looking to their OWN right hand side.If are sitting opposite to them and talk to them then they would be more or less looking above your left ear when they are constructing images in their mind.If you are seeing yourself as the point of reference then’when a person looks UP and TO YOUR Left'(Their Right!) means that the person is apparently Lying.

Let’s see some pictures of people’s eyes looking up to their right(Your left,if you are facing them)

Eyes Looking Up to their Right
Eyes Looking Up to their Right

In the above picture you are now facing the woman in the image and she is Looking Up to her Right.

Now look at the two Picture below and the text ‘Eyes Up Left’ for the first picture and ‘Eyes Up Right’ for the second picture.

Eyes looking Up to your Right

The Girl’s eyes and the first image’s eyes are focused on the same direction but their description of the girl’s Image says ‘Eyes looking up to their Right’ whereas the Tight lipped smiley’s Description says ‘Eyes up left…’.Now you may ask which one is Right.The answer is Both. In the Girl’s image the description is based on her Perception whereas in the smiley’s case it is mentioned based on the audience’s(Your) perception.

Eyes looking Up to your RightThe following is the NLP eye cue Chart that explains what a person is going through in different eye Positions.

NLP Eye Cues Chart
NLP Eye Cues Chart





Biting nails-Body language Meaning

So,there was someone biting their nails in your presence and you want to know what is the meaning of this particular body language gesture.I would just encourage you to take a wild guess since nail biting gesture is so straight forward that anyone can guess its general meaning.

Nails_biting_Body Language_meaning
nails_biting_Body Language_meaning

If you have guessed that a person is under stress,tension or anxiety if they bite their nails then pat yourself on your back since you are getting good at reading body language.Now that we have given the general meaning let me tell you what nail biting does not mean.Some people think that nail biting is some sort of flirting signal since it may look cute when someone bites their nails but the truth is that it is not.It may even mean that the person you are observing is stressed or uncomfortable by your presence.Another point to note is that when someone bites their nails in your presence that means that they don’t care what you think about them ,because they are so preoccupied with what is causing them the stress that they ignore your presence.Keep in mind that nail biting is a well known negative trait and people won’t consciously bite their nails before someone they want to impress.

Tight Pressed lips and Tense lips-Mouth and smile Body language Meaning

When you try to make eye contact and you look at the face of a man or women and you note that they have a Tight lipped expression,lips tightly pressed against each other,it can mean that they are just tense or nervous.

Tight lipped expression
Tight lipped expression

Tight lipped mouth is generally interpreted as a negative expression and is a sign of disinterest towards the person of opposite sex in the immediate vicinity.But the fact can be just that the tight lipped person is feeling a sexual tension with the other person and is feeling tense and nervous,which are not a bad thing to feel.If you are getting a Tight lipped expression or a tight lipped smile one of the things you can do is to try to deescalate the tension and try to build comfort with the other person.You can try to calm them by looking away briefly and give them some space and Time and help them to open up to you.

Tense lips may look similar to a Tight lipped expression but the main difference is that the lips are pulled-in in a closed mouth position.Technically when a person has tense lips they retract the lips slightly in so that part of lips come between the upper and lower teeth.Tense lipped facial expression mean that the person is mad or upset at someone or something. Generally Tense lipped expression is accompanied by a raised eyebrow expression.

Rolling eyes -What does it mean when someone rolls their eyes at you

Very few eye cues are as straight forward to interpret as Rolling eyes.Even the dictionary gives a clear cut meaning for ‘rolling eyes’.

Rolling Eyes-to move your eyes around in a circle because someone has said or done something stupid or strange

Now that we have clearly illustrated how a eye rolling will look like with the help of the beautiful model in the above picture and what ‘Rolling eyes’ mean with the dictionary meaning we can move to the other aspects of what ‘eye rolling’ means to the speaker and what it does to the people in the receiving end of it.

Though Teens are the obvious heavy users of the eye rolling gesture many adults also display this behavior though they subtly hide it or stop it in the middle. Both men and women roll their eyes when they want to belittle the speaker for something they said or did.When someone rolls their eyes at you they are doing it as if they are telling  their imaginary audience “look at this guy!He is so annoying and frustrating to talk to.”

Since eye rolling is considered as a direct aggressive gesture and almost all people understand what it really means people generally get mad when they are at the receiving end of this gesture.They may also want to know the ways to respond or comebacks when someone rolls their eyes at them.Let’s analyze the scenario from everyone’s perspective.

Firstly,when someone rolls their eyes at you,you should try to view why they are doing it from their shoes.In defense of the eye roller,they are choosing to say that ‘your are dumb’ non-verbally instead of directly saying it verbally and that itself means that they are showing some consideration to the other person.Sometimes the eye roller may not be in a dominant position to say ‘you are dumb’ and hence expresses it non-verbally.An example may be a store Girl Rolling her eyes at the middle aged man trying to hold on to a personal conversation with her.It will be unfair if we were to tell you should not roll your eyes at your customer.She has to have a way to express herself to let some of her steam and stress out of her,Right?

Now let’s look at the feelings of the person at the receiving end of the Eye roll.Some people go so mad at this gesture that they have openly expressed their urge to punch in the eye of the eye roller.Some people even call out “Did you just roll your eyes at me?” which just induces more eye rolling in return or the answer “What are you talking about” from the eye roller.

Personally i would recommend to ignore the eye rollers and get on with your life.Ask yourself why the eye rolling is making you upset or angry?Try to find the answer and do something to rectify it.However if you insist on a way to respond or to do a comeback i would recommend the following.

Ask them in the most serious way you possibly can “Did something i said bothered or annoyed you because i noticed it in the way you rolled your eyes.Can you help me to correct myself by verbally stating your situation?”. This is the better verbal approach without escalating the situation further.

Another way is to acknowledge their eye roll and let them know you received their gesture well.Let’s say you are talking to a Teenager and you get the ‘Eye Roll’ you stop what you were saying and tell them “Okay…I got it.You are not in a good mood now.


Body language sitting with hands between legs -Meaning

Imagine a person,preferably a woman,sitting with both hands pressed together at palms wedged between the legs around the thighs.Can you see her slightly leaning forward and presenting a good view of their upward body? So 90% of people who try to guess her state of mind and the emotions she is going through at the moment will say that she is attracted to someone and she is displaying seductive body language cues.My two cents is that we cannot immediately come to the conclusion that the person is attracted to someone she is listening to,just based on this standalone gesture  alone but it may be true if it is accompanied by other positive signals like dilated pupils and engorged lips and a sly smile and thousand other things that may indicate interest.

You know you are thinking that a picture is worth a thousand ways and we can just post a picture of a Girl sitting with her hands wedged between her thighs and save the thousand words describing the pose.

Girl sitting with hands between legs-Body Language
Girl sitting with hands between legs-Body Language

So this is the sitting position i am talking about.If only the girl in the picture had kept both her feet together in line it would have been a better match for our post. But just imagine that her front leg is also in line with the other leg and her hand position is exactly as it is now.

I wanted to know what my friends thought about this posture and i showed them a few picture and asked for their interpretation of this body language of a girl sitting with hands wedged between her thighs.The following are some of the interesting interpretations or meanings they came up with.

1.She is feeling cold and placed her hands between thighs to feel warm.

2.She has the urge to go to the Restroom and she is holding it back because she is in the middle of a conversation.

3.She is expecting something to happen or waiting for someone and she is waiting anxiously or impatiently.

4.She is nervous about something and she is displaying pacifying behavior and trying to keep her comfortable in a uncomfortable situation.

5.She is trying to hide something and she is restricting her hands between her thighs since she unconsciously fears  that her hands will some movements that will betray her.

6.She is relaxed and is not Self-consciousness and is just enjoying herself.(This personally makes a lot of sense to me and is my Pick too.)

Picture her raising her shoulders almost such that it touches her ears on either side of her head.Seen many poses of women doing this pose in many music videos to show that the actor is relaxed happy and enjoying the environment she is in.It is almost like they are locking in the good feelings they are having at the moment by locking their hands in between their legs.

So what do you think?What makes you more sense to you?Please Comment with your experience with someone sitting in this particular pose.

Pouting lower lip-Body language Meaning

First things first. Let’s first clear out how a pouting lower lip will look like before we learn what all the things this particular body language gesture may mean.The following is a exaggerated version of a child pouting lower lip which i have intentionally selected over other pictures of women with pouting lower lip.The main reason is that women pout their lower lip but they do it very subtly and covertly but small kids make it very obvious when they pout their lower lip to let us know what they are feeling inside.

Pouting lower lip-Body language meaning
Pouting lower lip-Body language meaning

So what is that which a child wants to show us with a obvious pouting lip and a women wants to subtly display to another person with a slight pouting lower lip? The answer is quite obvious if you look at the above picture and answer me what you think is the emotional state of the child is.Take a guess and if you can’t come up with anything,Try again.

Displeasure: A Pouting lower lip may be a gesture to display the displeasure at someone or something.Change the cartoon channel to News channel and you kid may show this gesture or stare at a women who is in no mood to socialize and you may get to see this same gesture,though subtly -so subtly that it may be confused with a perked up lip.

The Irony is,since a woman’s covert Pouting lip resembles a Perked up lip for the untrained eyes most people think that the women is attracted to them and showing flirtatious signals while it actually means the extreme opposite.

Feeling Insulted:When you scold a child for something she did you may seen this gesture.It is a child’s way of saying ‘I am feeling insulted’.

A pouting lip may also mean disappointment, annoyance, sadness, disagreement or uncertainty.



What does biting your own lip mean-Body language Meaning

Most people assume that  when a person is biting their own lips they are just giving a seductive signal to the opposite sex  near them or talking to them.It may be particularly true when there are other clusters of accompanying flirt signals or if they are checking them out while or before biting their lips but it is unsafe to assume that a lower or upper lip biting indicates interest in the opposite sex ,just as a standalone gesture.Although we would picture a woman when we talk about ‘biting lips’ most men also display this body language to express their romantic interest or to show that they are interested and aroused.

Biting lower lip
Biting lower lip

Having said that biting lips can mean a lot of other things like fear,anxiety or a suppressing action when it is done outside a seduction setting.Bottom lip bite signifies anticipation as opposed to upper lip bite which indicates apprehension or fear that something bad is about to happen.This makes lip biting hard to read.For example you are checking out a women standing close to you and she kind of bites her lower lip.It may be because she is attracted to you and she is giving flirty signals out.It may also mean that she is feeling uncomfortable in the situation she has found herself in and is anxiously biting her lips.When a person feels anxious biting their lips helps them pacify themselves from the stress. Some men and women may have developed lip biting as a habit and they may repeat it again and again when they enter in to some kind of situation or a mental state of mind.Once you figure out what kind of state they are in then you can always guess the time they enter that emotional state just by tracking their lip biting pattern.

Biting the Upper lip Vs Biting the lower lip

Most people bite their lower lip or the below lip but there are some who bite the upper lip also.Biting the upper lip is not generally considered as sexy as biting the lower lip.apprehension.

So analyze the content and context of the situation you are in before analyzing the meaning when someone in your vicinity bites their own lips . With enough practice you can separate out a seductive lip biting from a anxiety based one.