Tight Pressed lips and Tense lips-Mouth and smile Body language Meaning

When you try to make eye contact and you look at the face of a man or women and you note that they have a Tight lipped expression,lips tightly pressed against each other,it can mean that they are just tense or nervous.

Tight lipped expression
Tight lipped expression

Tight lipped mouth is generally interpreted as a negative expression and is a sign of disinterest towards the person of opposite sex in the immediate vicinity.But the fact can be just that the tight lipped person is feeling a sexual tension with the other person and is feeling tense and nervous,which are not a bad thing to feel.If you are getting a Tight lipped expression or a tight lipped smile one of the things you can do is to try to deescalate the tension and try to build comfort with the other person.You can try to calm them by looking away briefly and give them some space and Time and help them to open up to you.

Tense lips may look similar to a Tight lipped expression but the main difference is that the lips are pulled-in in a closed mouth position.Technically when a person has tense lips they retract the lips slightly in so that part of lips come between the upper and lower teeth.Tense lipped facial expression mean that the person is mad or upset at someone or something. Generally Tense lipped expression is accompanied by a raised eyebrow expression.

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