What does it mean when a girl ties her hair up Back-Hands Up-Body Language Meaning

Have you ever been in a normal conversation with women and out of blue without warning they raise their hands behind their neck and start tying up their hair and you are distracted and were wondering whether to keep talking or to look away.

Girl Tying up hair-Body Language
Girl Tying up hair-Body Language

So now you want to know what it means when a girl ties her hair Back with her hands up and behind her neck.Maybe you have already made up some meaning in your mind.You are thinking that she made a seductive move at you and replaying the moment in your mind when she raised her hands and exposed her body to your gaze and the never ending process of tying her hair up.

Firstly,I have to admit that Answering this particular Body language is more error prone and tough as it can mean a thousand different things but let’s cover every detail and come up with its meaning.But take my interpretation with a pinch of salt.

Yes this particular body language gesture appears super hot and seductive to most men and very few are Turned off by it even though most feel a bit uncomfortable about how to react to it.Reacting to this body language gesture is a whole art in itself but it is safeĀ  to say that don’t get carried away and respond based on your comfort level with the other person or don’t respond at all.

Some of the reasons women ties her hair up Back raising her hands up and behind her head are

  • She gets ready to do some task and she ties her hair properly as a ponytail or bun so that the hair does not fall on her face when she is doing the task
  • She thinks she is untidy and just wants to appear good and neat so she ties her hair properly.
  • she just did it naturally without thinking about it.

So this is why it is hard to give a specific meaning to this particular body language gesture.Any body saying that she ties her hair to dazzle you is just saying what you desperately wanted to hear.But if you are sure that the other person is attracted to you look out for other body language gesture that suggests it to confirm before making your next move.