Eyes looking up and to the right-What does it mean?

What does it mean when a person starts looking up to their right and stays that way for at least a few seconds and keep on repeating that gesture again and again either when they are in a conversation with you or just sitting silently opposite you in a table?As per the Eye cue charts of NLP(Neuro linguistic Programming) a Person’s eye looks up to their Right when they are actively constructing images in their head.Some Neuro linguistic Practitioners¬† over generalize this and just say that a person is lying when their eyes look up to their right.

Note that i have said ‘eyes look up to THEIR right’ everywhere to make it clear that their eyes are looking to their OWN right hand side.If are sitting opposite to them and talk to them then they would be more or less looking above your left ear when they are constructing images in their mind.If you are seeing yourself as the point of reference then’when a person looks UP and TO YOUR Left'(Their Right!) means that the person is apparently Lying.

Let’s see some pictures of people’s eyes looking up to their right(Your left,if you are facing them)

Eyes Looking Up to their Right
Eyes Looking Up to their Right

In the above picture you are now facing the woman in the image and she is Looking Up to her Right.

Now look at the two Picture below and the text ‘Eyes Up Left’ for the first picture and ‘Eyes Up Right’ for the second picture.

Eyes looking Up to your Right

The Girl’s eyes and the first image’s eyes are focused on the same direction but their description of the girl’s Image says ‘Eyes looking up to their Right’ whereas the Tight lipped smiley’s Description says ‘Eyes up left…’.Now you may ask which one is Right.The answer is Both. In the Girl’s image the description is based on her Perception whereas in the smiley’s case it is mentioned based on the audience’s(Your) perception.

Eyes looking Up to your RightThe following is the NLP eye cue Chart that explains what a person is going through in different eye Positions.

NLP Eye Cues Chart
NLP Eye Cues Chart





Biting nails-Body language Meaning

So,there was someone biting their nails in your presence and you want to know what is the meaning of this particular body language gesture.I would just encourage you to take a wild guess since nail biting gesture is so straight forward that anyone can guess its general meaning.

Nails_biting_Body Language_meaning
nails_biting_Body Language_meaning

If you have guessed that a person is under stress,tension or anxiety if they bite their nails then pat yourself on your back since you are getting good at reading body language.Now that we have given the general meaning let me tell you what nail biting does not mean.Some people think that nail biting is some sort of flirting signal since it may look cute when someone bites their nails but the truth is that it is not.It may even mean that the person you are observing is stressed or uncomfortable by your presence.Another point to note is that when someone bites their nails in your presence that means that they don’t care what you think about them ,because they are so preoccupied with what is causing them the stress that they ignore your presence.Keep in mind that nail biting is a well known negative trait and people won’t consciously bite their nails before someone they want to impress.