Social Confidence Secrets -101 Techniques to become socially confident.

Social confidence Secrets are techniques and practical methods suggested by social confidence coaches to gain effortless social confidence to experience a happy social life. If you think you are lacking in self confidence and are avoiding social situations then developing the needed social skills is all that is required to  turn the tables and enjoy social conversations and situations.

The  following are some of the secrets to gain social confidence shared by contributors who successfully  overcame their limitation and lived the life they dreamed to live.

1.Uproot your Low self esteem:

If you are lacking in confidence to socially mingle and have a nice time with other people the primary reason might be your Low self Esteem. You should be aware that getting rid of your low self esteem should be one of the first things you should be doing to become a confident person.

a.If you have low self esteem you should be also having a reason for having it.The reason may range from bad childhood to chronic physical conditions.Let’s take the bad childhood example,say.John is 35 years old and is single with no real friends.John had forgettable bad childhood memories,his father used to disgrace him by scolding in front of his friends and classmates.Now all John has to do is to forget his forgettable bad childhood and move on and try to get dates and friends like the rest of his friends do.But John chose to Cling on to his old bitter memories and it had its negative effect on his life.If you are watching John character in a movie you may say “John!Forgive your parents and let go of your past.Your heroine is loving you but you are turning her off with your attitude.”

Sometimes it is easy to get rid of your low self esteem,as easy as forgetting something that doesn’t need to be remembered anyway.

2.Rehearse your social confidence in your mind:

I have seen this technique recommended for making Public speech in front of a large audience.If it works for a large audience why not let it work on a one to one meeting with someone?The situation is this…You have to spend a hour or two with someone and you want to make a good impression on the other person.So you can just imagine the flow of the things that is about to happen just like a flash forward.The Trick is make it positive and don’t think about failure.There are many ways you can go about this,you can just sit back and watch yourself as the confident person you want to be doing the things that need to be done easily in your mind movie.Or your can Brian storm how things will go positively in the meeting.See the other person attracted to you and what you have to offer,picture yourself impressing them and feel good about it.

The trick about rehearsing social situations in you mind is to visualize only the flow of things that you want to happen.Don’t plan minute details like what words you will use in your conversation.

3.Practice and Rehearse you social confidence in less intimidating situations:

Picture this.You have to meet your landlord in a couple of days  to persuade him to lower the rent or even not to raise the rent.Now if you are not a people person it may be a intimidating situation for you.You can start practicing persuading people in non-intimidating situations so that you can gain some confidence in your social skills and it will definitely carry forward when you are going to negotiate with your landlord about the rent.

Asking your office peon to run some errand for you or persuading your kids to complete some small tasks are some of the things that are examples for non-intimidating persuasion scenarios.

4.Improve your social confidence with physical exercises.

This is one of the best secret for improving your social confidence.If you are not feeling socially powerful or confident ask yourself how you would feel if you have the body of Brad Pitt or whoever you think is Hot and confident.

If you are still wondering what physical exercises has got to do with social confidence then let me rephrase it-Physical good looks and Social Confidence-How does it sound now.

It has been scientifically proved that doing 5 minutes of physical exercise a day will make someone 70% more healthier than when he is doing no physical exercise at all.
Having a great body makes you feel good about yourself and give you the confidence to take on any social situation.
One of my social media follower who was constantly depressed and was having social anxiety suddenly started sharing pictures of himself with hot women.He was looking good and happy.I had a chat with him to know the reason behind this positive change.He revealed that it all started when he started watching MMA-Mixed martial Arts videos in youtube. He started exercising and his looks improved.He got confident that he can handle ant social situation.He started hanging out in the right places and mingled with the right people.He got a better job which he loved doing and everything started going northwards for him.
If you are fifty plus this may not be the secret you are searching for to improve your social confidence but if you are anywhere around your Thirties just do some physical exercises daily and watch it improve your health and physique and your social confidence.
5.Improve your Conversational skills
Nine out of ten times a person’s social anxiety is all because of his lack of conversation skills.People lacking in conversation skills start avoiding people and soon their confidence in social situations take a hit.If you feel that you are shy or having social anxiety the first thing that you should be doing is to improve your communication skills.Most people think that there is nothing to learn about communication skill and that interacting with people should come naturally.For now it would be better if you just trust me and start improving your communication.
Start by doing a self analysis and come up with particular things you are lacking in your conversations.For example if you are afraid of initiating conversations with people you know or with strangers start learning a few conversation starters and start practicing with strangers.You got nothing to lose by trying and got everything to gain.If you have difficulty expressing yourself then improve your vocabulary and learn some conversational tactics that will get you going without stalling.In shorts
start somewhere and start improving your conversation skills and you are going to enjoy social situations once you master conversations.
6.Practice your Hi and Hello:
7.Enhance your smile.Smile from your heart and let it show in your eyes.
I came across a Quote which reads ‘God resides on the smiles of the innocent’


8.Improve your social confidence by working on something that makes you feel self conscious
I know this may sound vague for some people but let me explain to help you realize that by working on your defects you can improve your social confidence multiple times.negaIn most cases if you are having low self esteem the root cause may be because of some physical condition that you think prevents you from getting accepted by others and mingling freely with others.
If you have low social confidence and you can identify with what i told above there is good news for you.You can improve your confidence multiple times just by setting a goal and working towards improving the aspects that are worrying you.The first challenge is identifying the major aspect that you want to change in yourself.It maybe a physical aspect like ‘getting rid of your pot belly’ or a phobia like ‘fear of driving a car’ -anything that prevents you from enjoying a happy life that you deserve.

9.Take stock of Good things you already have in life and celebrate

I would have put this Tip in the Top number 1 position if i had remembered this Gem while i started writing this Post. This technique is unique in that we are taking positivism from the Present rather than visualizing in the Future.Thus anyone can use this method to improve their confidence.Let me explain in detail with examples…

Let’s say you are working on getting richer and you are not satisfied with your current financial situation.But maybe you are in a beautiful relationship and your love life is going Great.Just acknowledging the great things you already have in your life can motivate you to try harder and give you hope to achieve other things you want in life.Imagining the gifts you can buy for your partner when you eventually get richer will make you work harder without negativity.What most people do is quite the opposite.They are furious that they are not getting richer in spite of their efforts and they show their anger and disappointments from workplace on their kids and wife and spoil their relationships.Here the negativity from work spoils the relationship and peace at home.What you should be doing is to use the Positive energy you gain from your relationship spread to your work on improving yourself financially.