How to get out of the friend zone fast-Escape from FriendZone Blueprint

I wrote it because I can understand your frustration! If you’re reading this post, then I can probably guess something…
You secretly desire one of your female friends.
So let me ask if any of the following sound like you:
* “I love this girl, but she barely knows me.”
* “My best friend loves hanging out with me, but only likes me as a friend.”
* “Every time I meet a girl, I end up in the ‘Friend Zone’.”
* “I’m a nice guy who ALWAYS loses to the Jerks of the world.”

Get out of Friend Zone
Get out of Friend Zone

Did any of these statements sound like something you’ve said to yourself? Maybe you feel a little angry that the world is filled with attractive women…none of who want to date you. This gets even more frustrating when you meet a great girl, only to get the “Let’s Just Be Friends” speech. Pisses you off, doesn’t it?
YOU are the one who talks to her on the phone. YOU are the one who brings her on “pseudo dates.” YOU are the shoulder she cries on whenever she has a problem.It’s an awful feeling to be close with a girl and watch her go for one asshole after another. You’re good enough to be her friend, but not good enough to be the one that she seeks for relationship and companionship.

The simple truth is this: most girls don’t mix friendship and sex. If you’re her buddy, then she will not look at you like she does other guys. If you’re in the “friend’s zone,” then you’ll probably stay there! This is the place of no return. She doesn’t see you as a dating partner. You are a sexless man in her opinion, and nothing else, unless…
You are willing to take action!
That’s what this post is about. I’ve written for you…the guy who is tired of dreaming about that one girl and is willing to take a risk with his dating life. But before we begin, let me clear up one thing…
Most of the time, it’s really hard to go from being a girl’s friend to her life partner. Women simply don’t look at their guy friends that way. In order to change her opinion and become more than friends, you have to take drastic measures.
What I’m about to reveal is not going to be easy, nor is it going to happen overnight, but I can guarantee that if you follow this plan, it’ll become your best chance for getting that girl you’ve always wanted.
Before we get to the plan, let’s briefly discuss the main challenge that’s going to hurt your chances with this woman…

Your Challenge
As I mentioned in the introduction, this post is not for the faint of heart. In fact, it’s going to be more difficult than you could imagine.
Your challenge is to take her sexually neutral (or negative) emotion about you and change it. At this point, she probably doesn’t think of you as somebody she would want to date. Or even worse…she looks at you like she would with a brother!

Escape from friendzone Blueprint
Escape from friendzone Blueprint

This is a very difficult obstacle to overcome! In fact if you do it wrong, it could have disastrous results. Here’s what I mean…
When a guy “puts the moves” on a girl, he runs the risk of losing the friendship. Even if he decides to confess his true feelings, he could create a very uncomfortable situation where she’ll want to avoid him.
Now I don’t really blame guys for doing stuff like this. In fact, I blame Hollywood for many of the misconceptions men fall for nowadays. We see girls get all teary-eyed at every romantic John Hughes flick and think that’s what women want.
It’s not!
While girls love crying at romantic movies, they really don’t want their guy friends professing their undying love and playing a stereo outside their window in the morning.
This will not help you win her affection!

If you profess your love or make a move with no warning, you’ll probably destroy your friendship and not get the girl. What will probably happen is your profession of love will be met with an uncomfortable silence. Then this girl will sputter and try to think of something to say to get herself out of a really awkward situation.
At this point, she might even make a decision to remove you from her life. She’ll avoid you, stop returning your phone calls, and tell her friends how weird she felt when you tried to put the moves on her.
So here’s your dilemma…
How do you take that first step without completely freaking her out?
That is your challenge!
At this point, you are her friend. This girl feels comfortable around you. She doesn’t worry about what you think of her, nor does she feel the need to impress you. And while you might think this is a good thing, it’s actually your main problem.
The fact that she doesn’t have to amaze you directly contradicts her behavior with a guy she would date, because truthfully, most women want a little a challenge from the guys they go out with. A bit of mystery goes a long way! And since she probably knows everything about you, it’s hard to create that sexual tension that’s necessary for an intimate relationship.
So how do you get closer to her without scaring her away? The best way to make a move without freaking her out is to shake up the nature of your relationship. While you won’t immediately attempt to get this girl, you are going to change her opinion of you.In other words, you are going to be become the guy she WANTS to date!
So let’s talk about the attitude you have to adopt from now on. In the next section, we’re going to discuss some of the things that need to be done in order to make her see you as more than just a friend. Before you know it, she won’t be able to get her mind off of you!

The New You!
This section is about changing her neutral opinion of you. This requires a drastic change in your relationship!At this point, you’re a good friend. You’re probably always there when she needs somebody. This is great if you only want a buddy, but if you’re looking for more, this has to change.
Right now, you’re completely sexless in her eyes! When this girl goes to bed at night, she does NOT have fantasies about you. She’s thinking about the other guy. This is the exciting, fun man who provides a challenging experience.
The good news is that her opinion of you is about to change!
If you want her to want you, she has to look at you differently. This change starts with your actions. To get the ball rolling, you have to make some changes within yourself.
Specifically, we’re going to completely overhaul the nature of your relationship with this girl. Here are a few steps to make this happen:
Step 1- Make sure this is what you want before you do anything, I really want you to ask yourself if this is something that you want. Once you put this process in place, it’s hard to go back to the way things were before. Even worse is the fact that you could risk losing this girl’s friendship.

As I mentioned before, this post is about taking action in your life. There is a definite risk because you’re going to make an obvious attempt at taking things to a physical level. This is dangerous because you’re ultimately making her say yes or no to being with you.
And sometimes, a woman will not be interested.
It’s a fact of life. Some friendships can’t be changed into a relationship. You might be in one of those situations where she’ll never feel the sexual tension that she does with other men. Trying to become sexual with this girl can completely change the way she looks at you, and she might even try to end the friendship!
So again…make sure this is what you want first.
There is nothing wrong with having platonic relationships with women. In fact, I’ve found that a few friendships with women have helped me date a lot of other girls, so consider this before you get started.
If you’ve decided that you really want this girl, there are a few things you should immediately do…
Step 2- Don’t be her girlfriend
Remember, your goal is to become her lover, not her friend. You’re already her buddy, but if you didn’t want something more, you wouldn’t be reading this right now.
In order to make this happen, you have to eliminate all the habits that reinforce the “friend” status you’re now in. If you don’t want her to think of you as just another girlfriend, then you need to stop acting like one!

The funny thing is that most guys have a lot of trouble in this area. They think that ceasing this behavior will hurt a girl’s feelings, and truthfully, it might. But it’s important to keep the end goal in mind. While you don’t have to be an asshole about it, you must stop behaving like a puppy dog that follows her around waiting to be petted!
Here are a few tips you can take now to stop acting like her girlfriend:
λ Don’t Call Her 24/7
Her girlfriends spend hours talking to her on the phone. You will not!
Your days of gabbing on the phone listening to her problems are over. If you want to be the mysterious guy she wants to date, then she shouldn’t know too much about what’s going on your life.
The phone is great for setting up a date or maintaining sexual tension. It’s not meant to be something where you’re spending hours listening to a girl talk about her life.
Keep it that way!
λ Don’t Let Her Talk About Other Guys
This is another habit that swiftly places a guy in the “friend’s zone.” When you allow a girl to talk about her guy problems, you’re subconsciously reinforcing the friend label that she’s placed on you.
In other words, you’re the safe friend who is sexually neutral.
If this girl mentions other guys, change the topic. Don’t be rude about it, but find other things to talk about that don’t have to do with another man. Doing this will ultimately communicate that you’re not interested in hearing this line of conversation.
λ Don’t talk about your feelings
A friendship usually evolves from the mistakes guys make when they first meet a girl. As we’ve discussed, women want a bit of mystery from a guy. Being too candid about your life is one of the quickest ways to kill any chance of creating sexual tension.
While you can’t change what you’ve already told her, you need to stop revealing all the insecurities and problems you have in your life. Leave this conversation for your friends and family…not the girl you want to date.
There’s nothing wrong with being in a committed relationship and talking about your problems, but these types of revelations don’t help build mystery and attraction.
Women are not interested in guys who show their insecurities. You’re trying to act like a man she wants to date…not one of her emotional girlfriends.
λ Don’t Agree With Everything She Says Or Does
Most guys avoid any conflict with their female friends. They think that agreeing with everything she says is the quickest way to make her like them.
Unfortunately, this is not the case.
Sexual tension is what creates desire, and it evolves from being unsure about the nature of a relationship. The tension makes a girl uncertain about how a guy really feels towards her, and as a result, she experiences that fluttery excitement and anticipation of not knowing what’s going to happen next.
To create this incredible feeling in her, you have to stop being the guy who agrees with everything that she says. Don’t be afraid to challenge her statements. In fact, go out of your way to tease and joke about the things she says and does.
Trust me, if you’ve developed the habit of always agreeing with her, she’ll wonder why you’ve suddenly changed.
λ Don’t Bring Her On ‘Pseudo Dates’
The “pseudo date” phenomenon is a mistake I see guys make all the time. Some men think that buying expensive dinners or taking a girl on an elaborate date is the best way to win her heart.
The funny thing is that this does nothing to change the nature of a friendship. In fact, it will actually hurt your chances!
A common mistake guys make is to treat their female friend like they would any other girl they’re trying to date. They take them to dinner, go to the movies, buy them presents, and bring them on trips. When you do stuff like this, you probably think that you’re slowly turning her into your lover, but you’re not.
In essence, these activities are doing more to strengthen the friendship than to create a potential sexual
relationship. She’s learning that she gets all these things from you without giving anything back
λ Never Be Boring
Remember that women want a bit of excitement from the guys they date. They want experiences they can remember and tell their female friends. If you want her to look at you in a whole new light, then you have to cease doing the things that’ll make her think of you as a boring guy.
So don’t do the activities which other men would do. Don’t watch home movies with her, and don’t take her to a restaurant. In other words…don’t do the things that are predictable.
One of the best ways to look good in her eyes is to take her somewhere that focuses on you. If you play in a band, invite her to your show. Do you take pictures? Get them hung up in an art gallery, and invite her to check out your work. Maybe your buddy’s having a killer party. Why not bring her along, and introduce her to all of your friends?
As a result, she’ll be flattered to be in your company.

Step 3- Remove yourself (for a bit)
Here’s where things gets a little tricky (I told you this process is not easy).
In the last step, you were purposefully changing her perception of you as a man. Hopefully you created bit of tension with your actions. Whereas you were once her buddy who was always there for her, now you’ve grown a little distant.
If you had a good friendship, then she’s probably wondering why you haven’t been around. In addition, she’s probably a little sad that she doesn’t have you in her life. In essence, you are NO longer at her beck and call. You’ve now proven that you are in complete control of your destiny, and you no longer do everything that she wants you to do!
Now we’re going to take this one step further…
For a couple of weeks (maybe even a month), you’re going to remove yourself from her life. Without going into to much detail, this is a key step.
You want her to realize on a psychological level what it’s like to not have you in her life. Not being around her for a period of time is a way to increase the tension that’s been created in the first step. T
his will make her wonder what you’re doing and why you aren’t around as much. Perhaps she’ll even start to grow a little jealous that you no longer have time for her.

This step doesn’t have to be a lie. In fact, in the next step, I’m going to cover what you should be doing during this time.
But if she asks about your absence, a vague response should suffice as an answer. Just tell her that you have something you need to concentrate on for a period of time. It could be anything from schoolwork to your home life, but let her know that you won’t be around for awhile.
You can return her phone calls, emails, or texts, but do so in a slow manner. In other words, be the busy guy. When she calls, wait a day or two before calling her back. Don’t jump at the chance to contact her (like you used to do). This will add congruence to what you’ll do in the next step.
Step 4 – Create your new life
In order to make this woman attracted to you, you have to make her see you as a sexually-desirable man. This means creating a lifestyle that she will find interesting. Here are a few ways to do this:
λ Bring Out Your “Alpha Male”
Women are attracted to dominant men who make them feel wanted. At some point in your friendship, she made a conscious decision about not dating you. This probably happened because, frankly, she never saw you as someone worth dating.
This is an opinion that you have to fix!

When you’re “reconnecting” with her, you want to create the question in her mind about why you’ve changed. In order to do this, you have to bring out the “alpha” – or dominant – part of your personality. Consider this as an opportunity to change how she originally saw you.
Now I don’t mean you have to become one of those guys who act like complete assholes, picking fights with everyone, but you should spend time apart from her developing the dominant part of your personality. In other words, become an alpha male!
I wrote this report as a companion piece to my 24 Traits of the Superior Alpha Male, so you should be familiar with the concepts that I discuss in that report. In order to better your chances with this girl, I encourage you to review this book and learn how to show an Alpha Male personality.
Remember, you can’t change this woman’s opinion of you until you bring out the attractive side of your personality that she’ll love!
λ Do Fun Things
Part of being an attractive man is doing the things that you want to do. While this might seem overly selfish, girls are drawn to men who are living according to their own rules. Rather than being concerned with what others think, an alpha male lives an awesome life with purpose!
While you’re focusing on bringing out the dominant side of your personality, start doing stuff that only makes you happy. Hang out with other friends, focus on your favorite
hobby, and do stuff that you’ve always wanted to try.
In other words, become a man who is more interesting then she ever gave you credit for being.
If you do enough things, you’ll have plenty to discuss when you see her again.
λ Hang Out with Other Women
It’s a basic law of human psychology that we tend to desire what other people covet. Think about those fads you see all the time. People get sucked into the trends of the day, constantly trying to be popular and fit in.
You want to create this same feeling with your girl friend. In other words, you want to be that guy who IS desired by other women. You basically want to create a situation where you’re a stock that she wants to invest in.
The solution is simple…start meeting lots of women. You don’t even have to date them, but at the very least, have women in your life. Think of this as a social proof. Before, she saw you as the buddy who was always around. Now, you’ve changed into that guy who seems to have a lot of women who want to be around you, and she has to compete for your attention. This will get her wondering if you had a special quality that she might have overlooked.
Here’s a sneaky tactic that can help increase her tension: If you have a MySpace or Facebook account that you know she’ll see, make it a point of commenting (and getting girls) to comment on your page. At some point, she’ll wonder what’s going on in your life, and she’ll check out your page. When she does, she’ll see that you’ve been meeting a lot of women.
As a result, you’ve established that social proof where she sees how women really want you! It’s pretty powerful stuff!
Ok, now that we’ve covered the lead-in to seeing her again, we’re going to move on to how to seal the deal. Once you’ve made an overhaul of your life, you’re going to completely shift focus here.Let’s move on to how to get back into her life in manner where she can’t wait to hook up with you!

Reconnecting with Her
As I mentioned before, you will spend a period of time away from her. Hopefully by now, she’s wondering what you have been doing in your life. Perhaps she’s even seen you around with other women.
This will set the initial feelings of jealousy, but it’s not going to be the thing that pushes her over the edge and makes her desire you. At this point, she’ll still look at you like she would a friend. Sure you’ve pulled a disappearing act, and maybe she’s even a little jealous that you’re not hanging out with her, but at this moment, you need to take her platonic feelings and begin transforming them into something more.
Here’s how to do that:
One day, give her a call, or meet up with her if you don’t have a number. Think of this phone call like you would with every other girl that you’ve met. In a way, you’re “reestablishing” new terms for your relationship.
Let’s think about how you handle your first phone call with a new girl. Basically your focus for these conversations is to create sexual tension. This is not a post on how to talk to women on the phone, so I’m going to keep this to a minimum.
Basically, some of the key elements to remember include:
λ Call her when you know she’ll be around (this does not mean the weekend).
λ Spend a few minutes catching up and talking about what you’ve been up to.
λ Ask what she’s been doing.
λ Tell a few stories that put you in a positive light. Mention one or two tales that involve another girl. When you do, don’t come out and talk about the other girl. Just refer to her as a “friend.”
λ Tease, and flirt. Do this lightly on the phone. Right now, you’re trying to create an entirely different image of yourself in her eyes, so it’s important to be subtle manner at first.
The conversation should be 15 minutes or less. This may sound like a ridiculous rule, but it serves a purpose, and that is to reinforce the notion that you are a busy guy. Talking her ear off for hours won’t make you seem like someone with a lot going on. Instead, you’ll just seem like you’re the same boring guy who she doesn’t want to sleep with.
As you’re wrapping up the conversation, you want to – again – briefly mention that you have a lot going on with your life, but you feel like you haven’t seen her in ages and would like to hang out sometime. Then lead the conversation towards how you have a free night in the week coming up. Tell her (don’t ask her) that you guys should definitely hang out that night. If she can’t, you can make it for another night.
Don’t be too flexible with finding a day to hang out. Remember that you’re the guy who has stuff going on in your life, and being too accessible will hurt all the hard work you’ve done up to this point.

When you do make plans, what you’re really doing is asking her out on a date, but keep that information to yourself for the time being. She shouldn’t know at the time that when the two of you do get together, she’s going to have entirely new feelings for you. In essence, you’ll be bringing her out on a date that is designed to make her feel attracted to you.
In order to ensure this takes place, don’t let her bring other friends around. It is JUST you and her together; other people will only hinder your chances of success. In fact, if she’s insisting on bringing somebody else, then it’s actually better to make up an excuse and cancel then get stuck in an awkward, group activity.
So let’s say that the two of you have set a date to get together alone. What are you doing to do when you’re finally together?

Rolling eyes -What does it mean when someone rolls their eyes at you

Very few eye cues are as straight forward to interpret as Rolling eyes.Even the dictionary gives a clear cut meaning for ‘rolling eyes’.

Rolling Eyes-to move your eyes around in a circle because someone has said or done something stupid or strange

Now that we have clearly illustrated how a eye rolling will look like with the help of the beautiful model in the above picture and what ‘Rolling eyes’ mean with the dictionary meaning we can move to the other aspects of what ‘eye rolling’ means to the speaker and what it does to the people in the receiving end of it.

Though Teens are the obvious heavy users of the eye rolling gesture many adults also display this behavior though they subtly hide it or stop it in the middle. Both men and women roll their eyes when they want to belittle the speaker for something they said or did.When someone rolls their eyes at you they are doing it as if they are telling  their imaginary audience “look at this guy!He is so annoying and frustrating to talk to.”

Since eye rolling is considered as a direct aggressive gesture and almost all people understand what it really means people generally get mad when they are at the receiving end of this gesture.They may also want to know the ways to respond or comebacks when someone rolls their eyes at them.Let’s analyze the scenario from everyone’s perspective.

Firstly,when someone rolls their eyes at you,you should try to view why they are doing it from their shoes.In defense of the eye roller,they are choosing to say that ‘your are dumb’ non-verbally instead of directly saying it verbally and that itself means that they are showing some consideration to the other person.Sometimes the eye roller may not be in a dominant position to say ‘you are dumb’ and hence expresses it non-verbally.An example may be a store Girl Rolling her eyes at the middle aged man trying to hold on to a personal conversation with her.It will be unfair if we were to tell you should not roll your eyes at your customer.She has to have a way to express herself to let some of her steam and stress out of her,Right?

Now let’s look at the feelings of the person at the receiving end of the Eye roll.Some people go so mad at this gesture that they have openly expressed their urge to punch in the eye of the eye roller.Some people even call out “Did you just roll your eyes at me?” which just induces more eye rolling in return or the answer “What are you talking about” from the eye roller.

Personally i would recommend to ignore the eye rollers and get on with your life.Ask yourself why the eye rolling is making you upset or angry?Try to find the answer and do something to rectify it.However if you insist on a way to respond or to do a comeback i would recommend the following.

Ask them in the most serious way you possibly can “Did something i said bothered or annoyed you because i noticed it in the way you rolled your eyes.Can you help me to correct myself by verbally stating your situation?”. This is the better verbal approach without escalating the situation further.

Another way is to acknowledge their eye roll and let them know you received their gesture well.Let’s say you are talking to a Teenager and you get the ‘Eye Roll’ you stop what you were saying and tell them “Okay…I got it.You are not in a good mood now.


Body language sitting with hands between legs -Meaning

Imagine a person,preferably a woman,sitting with both hands pressed together at palms wedged between the legs around the thighs.Can you see her slightly leaning forward and presenting a good view of their upward body? So 90% of people who try to guess her state of mind and the emotions she is going through at the moment will say that she is attracted to someone and she is displaying seductive body language cues.My two cents is that we cannot immediately come to the conclusion that the person is attracted to someone she is listening to,just based on this standalone gesture  alone but it may be true if it is accompanied by other positive signals like dilated pupils and engorged lips and a sly smile and thousand other things that may indicate interest.

You know you are thinking that a picture is worth a thousand ways and we can just post a picture of a Girl sitting with her hands wedged between her thighs and save the thousand words describing the pose.

Girl sitting with hands between legs-Body Language
Girl sitting with hands between legs-Body Language

So this is the sitting position i am talking about.If only the girl in the picture had kept both her feet together in line it would have been a better match for our post. But just imagine that her front leg is also in line with the other leg and her hand position is exactly as it is now.

I wanted to know what my friends thought about this posture and i showed them a few picture and asked for their interpretation of this body language of a girl sitting with hands wedged between her thighs.The following are some of the interesting interpretations or meanings they came up with.

1.She is feeling cold and placed her hands between thighs to feel warm.

2.She has the urge to go to the Restroom and she is holding it back because she is in the middle of a conversation.

3.She is expecting something to happen or waiting for someone and she is waiting anxiously or impatiently.

4.She is nervous about something and she is displaying pacifying behavior and trying to keep her comfortable in a uncomfortable situation.

5.She is trying to hide something and she is restricting her hands between her thighs since she unconsciously fears  that her hands will some movements that will betray her.

6.She is relaxed and is not Self-consciousness and is just enjoying herself.(This personally makes a lot of sense to me and is my Pick too.)

Picture her raising her shoulders almost such that it touches her ears on either side of her head.Seen many poses of women doing this pose in many music videos to show that the actor is relaxed happy and enjoying the environment she is in.It is almost like they are locking in the good feelings they are having at the moment by locking their hands in between their legs.

So what do you think?What makes you more sense to you?Please Comment with your experience with someone sitting in this particular pose.

Pouting lower lip-Body language Meaning

First things first. Let’s first clear out how a pouting lower lip will look like before we learn what all the things this particular body language gesture may mean.The following is a exaggerated version of a child pouting lower lip which i have intentionally selected over other pictures of women with pouting lower lip.The main reason is that women pout their lower lip but they do it very subtly and covertly but small kids make it very obvious when they pout their lower lip to let us know what they are feeling inside.

Pouting lower lip-Body language meaning
Pouting lower lip-Body language meaning

So what is that which a child wants to show us with a obvious pouting lip and a women wants to subtly display to another person with a slight pouting lower lip? The answer is quite obvious if you look at the above picture and answer me what you think is the emotional state of the child is.Take a guess and if you can’t come up with anything,Try again.

Displeasure: A Pouting lower lip may be a gesture to display the displeasure at someone or something.Change the cartoon channel to News channel and you kid may show this gesture or stare at a women who is in no mood to socialize and you may get to see this same gesture,though subtly -so subtly that it may be confused with a perked up lip.

The Irony is,since a woman’s covert Pouting lip resembles a Perked up lip for the untrained eyes most people think that the women is attracted to them and showing flirtatious signals while it actually means the extreme opposite.

Feeling Insulted:When you scold a child for something she did you may seen this gesture.It is a child’s way of saying ‘I am feeling insulted’.

A pouting lip may also mean disappointment, annoyance, sadness, disagreement or uncertainty.



What does biting your own lip mean-Body language Meaning

Most people assume that  when a person is biting their own lips they are just giving a seductive signal to the opposite sex  near them or talking to them.It may be particularly true when there are other clusters of accompanying flirt signals or if they are checking them out while or before biting their lips but it is unsafe to assume that a lower or upper lip biting indicates interest in the opposite sex ,just as a standalone gesture.Although we would picture a woman when we talk about ‘biting lips’ most men also display this body language to express their romantic interest or to show that they are interested and aroused.

Biting lower lip
Biting lower lip

Having said that biting lips can mean a lot of other things like fear,anxiety or a suppressing action when it is done outside a seduction setting.Bottom lip bite signifies anticipation as opposed to upper lip bite which indicates apprehension or fear that something bad is about to happen.This makes lip biting hard to read.For example you are checking out a women standing close to you and she kind of bites her lower lip.It may be because she is attracted to you and she is giving flirty signals out.It may also mean that she is feeling uncomfortable in the situation she has found herself in and is anxiously biting her lips.When a person feels anxious biting their lips helps them pacify themselves from the stress. Some men and women may have developed lip biting as a habit and they may repeat it again and again when they enter in to some kind of situation or a mental state of mind.Once you figure out what kind of state they are in then you can always guess the time they enter that emotional state just by tracking their lip biting pattern.

Biting the Upper lip Vs Biting the lower lip

Most people bite their lower lip or the below lip but there are some who bite the upper lip also.Biting the upper lip is not generally considered as sexy as biting the lower lip.apprehension.

So analyze the content and context of the situation you are in before analyzing the meaning when someone in your vicinity bites their own lips . With enough practice you can separate out a seductive lip biting from a anxiety based one.

What does it mean when someone avoids eye contact with you-Find the Reasons by Reading Body language

Do you find that generally people are looking away and seem to avoid holding direct eye contact with you either while talking to you or when you are meeting them for the day and just trying to say hello to them?And you are here to find the reason?Honestly,If you want to find the answer to why someone in particular is avoiding eye contact with you the possibilities are almost endless!The good news is that i will be trying to cover almost all possibilities and if you relate it to your particular context you will most likely find the correct reason why they act like that and you can also do something about it.

Avoiding eye contact-BodyLanguage
Avoiding eye contact-BodyLanguage

Firstly,if you have already established a good rapport,trust and relationship with someone who is avoiding looking you in your eye the best option available to you is asking them smoothly why they are not looking at you and try to get a direct answer from them.This approach is very direct and straight forward in theory but watch out  for some pitfalls when you practically implement it.For Starters people don’t give a direct answer or they lie and way led you and thus will make you spend your time and effort in waste.Then,some people get offended when someone directly ask them why they are not looking eye to eye.Recently i happened to introduce my niece to my neighbor John,who is a Jerk by anybody’s standards.He was much older than her and he was saying stuff like why blondes are dumb and talked in a condescending manner.While we were about to part our ways he remarked ‘You were even not able to look me in my eyes’ and my niece shot back with ‘I can look at someone when there is something nice to look at!’. My neighbor was clearly embarrassed and i was having a hard time controlling my smile.By the way,when i asked my niece why she acted that way she said that though she didn’t find him physically repulsive she didn’t like his condescending conversation and wanted to get away as soon as possible.The takeaway from this incident is that i have the following Point to share with everyone.

The following are the list of reasons for someone to look away or to avoid eye contact with you.

1.If someone is looking away and not locking eye contact with you during a Conversation that may be because they are not feeling comfortable with the Topic of the conversation.

So the next time you want to make someone who is looking away to look at your face while you are talking, just change the topic of your conversation and see if you are getting any positive feedback.It is highly likely that the target will look in to your eyes when your topic is interesting to them.There is also another technique to test if they are avoiding eye contact really because they are not comfortable with what you are saying.When they are looking away just say something with their name in it and check if they start looking at you and hold the eye contact for several more moments or not.If someone looks at you when you call their name and immediately away then it is a sure sign that they are feeling uncomfortable with something.For example if you are talking about your supporting views on the recent immigration laws to Billy and you notice Billy is looking away you can test if he is uncomfortable with the topic by saying ‘Do you agree?Billy’ and still you don’t get much eye contact from Billy then that may probably mean that billy holds opposite views and it is much better to change the topic if you want to get further rapport with Billy.

2.If someone is looking away and not locking eye contact with you that may be because they don’t like you.

3.If someone is looking away and not locking eye contact with you that may be because they are shy or feeling anxious or having low self esteem.

4.If someone is not looking at you while talking to you they may be feeling guilty for something that they did or going to do to you or they are hiding something from you.

You can’t say that someone is lying or hiding something from you with 100% certainty just because they are not looking you straight in the eye but watch out for some of the below body language that may accompany avoiding eye contact to confirm for sure.

  • Hands touching the neck or the mouth regions.Some People even cover their mouth with fingers.
  • Touching their own nose.The hands involuntarily tries to cover the mouth but people become conscious and will try to avert it thus landing the hands on the nose area.
  • Scratching the back of the neck and rubbing of the eyes.

5.People Generally avoid eye contact when they are bored or disinterested or they are distracted with something else.

How to stop yelling and shouting at kids-STOP Snapping At Your Kids

Okay!So,you do shout and yell at your kids but you want to stop snapping at your child after seeing their hurtful face and that makes you feel Guilty.You make a resolution that you are going to STOP your yelling and shouting but that doesn’t lost long because you snap again and shout at your kids and your neighbors say you are a bad dad.You analyze what went wrong and you point at your kid and say ‘I wanted to be a good dad but ….you made me do it’

He Made Me do it
He Made Me do it

What you read above may not apply 100% to you but it did for me until i learned to reduce all the Yelling and shouting to a point that kids think i am a better dad,now.So you can start researching for techniques to stop snapping at your kids or you can learn some of the things i learned as i share my own research and experimentation with my kids.

If you really want to stop all the yelling you have to stop  snapping and for that you have to take responsibility for your temper and your state of mind.By pointing your finger at your Kids and saying ‘You made me shout at you’ you are giving the power to control you to your kids.

1.Ask yourself if your Shouting and yelling has made your kids to change their negative attitude.

2.Your Kids will Model you and will start to Yell and shout at others.And you will get more Mad and start to shout at them more.Stop this vicious cycle.

3.Next time when your child does something and you are about to exhaust your last drop of patience…Calmly say “Will you listen to me and do something for me if i say it affectionately instead of shouting and yelling at you?” .There is no 100% guarantee that your kid will suddenly become a angel and start listening to you but there is a very good change.If your child is too tough for this,well,there are more than one way to calm your children.

Eyes looking down to their left.What this body Language mean?

You are traveling on a long distance Train and you are feeling bored and look at the person sitting opposite to you with the intention of starting a conversation with them.You realize that your co traveler is not noticing that you are looking at them but she is looking down with her eyes to her left.You are wondering what is going on inside her head because you know that only when she is in the right state of mind she will be open to respond to you and will hold a conversation with you.Now,we cannot exactly predict what she is thinking inside her head but what if we can deduce what is going on inside her head? Trust me,when you can read a person’s body language and understand what emotional state they are feeling inside, you have a great edge when it comes to persuading them to take a action you want them to take.The ability to predict a person’s state of mind will help you not just in your relationship but also in your business and work life by getting you instant rapport with clients.

Eyes Looking down to their left
Eyes Looking down to their left

Back in the days when i started to learn the meaning of the eye cues,one of the problems i faced is,the confusion between Right and Left.When i searched for ‘Body Language Meaning of Girl looking down to the left’ in half of the websites there were images with eyes looking in one direction while in the others the eyes were looking in the other direction.The more i tried to understand which is ‘right’ and which is ‘left’ the more confusing it became.I was feeling frustrated till one day i understood everything clearly.If you don’t have any confusion between the person’s left and right i would suggest you to skip the next paragraph and learn what you came here for originally, to understand the meaning of eyes looking down to the left.However if you are confused like i was then the next Paragraph is very important and i want you to read it Carefully.

The secret is in the word ‘Their‘. Look at the image of the girl in the picture above.The Girl is almost looking at the floor and her eyes  are to ‘HER’ left.Look at the text below the image ‘Eyes looking down to Their left’.Here we should be looking from her point of view.In some websites they translate this to your point of view and they talk about ‘Eyes looking down to your left’ or simply ‘Eyes looking down to the Left’.Here they are talking from your Perspective.I wish i could explain this more clearly but i think this would do to clear some doubts in your mind.

When a right handed Person is looking down with their eyes to their left it means that at that moment they are having a serious self Talk.If i were to explain the position of their eyes without showing any pictures i would say that It is almost as if they are looking at their own left knee or Toes.

What else we can deduce apart from the fact that they are in Self Talk?

We all have a voice inside our head that speaks to us in our Primary language.When we are having such a talk with ourselves our eyes would be unconsciously positioned down looking to our left handed side.If you are a  right handed person you can double check what i said by catching yourself during a self talk.If you are a left handed person your eyes would be looking to the Right handed side during a self talk.Of course there are exceptions but as a thumb rule what i said above holds water and will be accurate in 80% of cases.


Family Loyalty-Definition,Examples and why it is Important

Family loyalty is all about the support,commitment and mutual help and trust that exists between members of a family or in a relationship.This relationship can be anything from a Parent-Child relationship to a wife and husband relationship but the common thread that runs around is mutual trust,care and support.

Family loyalty can differ from culture to culture or from country to country and Tradition plays a important role in maintaining Family loyalty among the members of a family.Family is a smaller unit of a society and when there is family loyalty prevailing among its members the family improves and hence the society also benefits and improves.

Filial Obligations-Parent Child Relationship: Filial Obligation is a concept where one person in the family feels a moral obligation for the wellness of the other person and takes good care of them.For Example the Grown up adults in some families feel a sense of duty and commitment and are obligated to their ageing parents by taking good care of them as a repayment for their parents taking care of their them when they were young.This kind of family loyalty is,in most cases,installed in the minds of the children when they watch their parents taking good care of their aged grandparents.In countries and Cultures where more Respect is given to senior citizens we can see this kind of moral obligation among the sons and daughters to take care of their ageing Parents. There is also a natural expectation among such adult children that if they take care of their aging parents then their own kids will take care of them later in future.

Filial Obligations-Husband and Wife Relationships:

In most cultures a man and women entering in to a Marriage as husband and wife,ceremonially take a vow that they will stand by each other for the rest of their lives through good and bad times.So religion and religious ceremonies  are also intended to install family loyalty among its members in some levels.

Family Loyalty between Brothers and siblings

In some cultures it is the responsibility of the brother to safe guard the well being of their sisters,sometimes even after they are married.In almost all cultures when one person faces financial crisis the first person they look up to is their brother.




How to Attract women and make them approach and talk to you without you talking

If you are wondering whether it is possible to attract a woman and make her approach and talk to you without you first initiating a conversation with them …then,You have come to the right place and i have a lot to talk about it.Yes,it is not only possible but also beneficial since it saves you a lot of effort in getting them interested in you later on after getting them to initiate a conversation with you and talk to you.Since,they initiated the talk, you can drive the conversation in any direction you want to.Also it means that they already consider you desirable or at least a likable Person and you don’t have to try hard to impress them.But all these only if you succeed in attracting them and make them talk to you…Right?

I know it is much easier to attract girls by initiating the conversation with them and impress them with your words but in that case you have taken the responsibility of leading the conversation and entertaining them.Indirectly you have let them qualify whether you are good enough for them instead of making them wonder whether they are good enough for you.

There can be thousand reasons for why you don’t want to first talk to them .Anything from shyness to not wanting to be seen as a flirt,but whatever it is you will succeed in making him/her approach you and talk to you if you follow the strategies discussed here.

So let’s get down to the basics first without further fluff talk

1.Install the Positive Attitude/Mindset

Say this to yourself until you convince yourself without any self doubts.”I am irresistible and no one but me can make people feel the way i can make them feel.They deserve me if they talk to me and keep me interested”

If you have low self esteem or if you are too shy you may ,at first, find it funny to say these affirmation but trust me this first step cannot be overstepped and you will start to believe the fact that you deserve to be approached by the members of opposite sex or people in general  eventually.If you don’t want to take this first step you have only two other options.

a.Grow some courage and learn to approach and talk to people you are interested in.  (OR)

b.Go and Play video Games.

2.Master the soul grabbing Smile:

If you are still reading i assume you have either agreed with me that the first step of Installing the ‘I am irresistible’ mindset is mandatory for your success in getting people come and talk to you or you are just reading this post for entertainment.Either way ‘Entertain Yourself’.

So how to get that smile that grabs souls?Have you watched anyone smile and suddenly they appeared more beautiful and sexy than ever before? Smile is a universal gesture to make you appear more Friendly and approachable.The Trick is to learn to smile with your eyes.Stand in front of the mirror and practice giving your best attractive smile but just concentrate on your eyes and see it smile too.If it doesn’t smile back at you just imagine that it does .

If you think smiling at others is just a plain idea and not a magical thing that can make others approach you and talk to you then think again.One of my readers commented that that i changed his love life forever by mastering my ‘Soul grabbing Smile’ technique.I was as septic as you and i asked him to tell me more about it.Below is what he told me and it made me realize that i made more sense to someone who is more sensible than me.

“Although i am decent looking and young,I had approach anxiety and never had the guts to go and talk to women whom i found interesting.When i read your Tip about ‘Mastering the soul Grabbing smile’ i did the exercise a few days and the next day i was listening to a song in my iphone with just one earbud in my right ear.I was sitting in a waiting room to catch a Train and a Attractive girl walked towards the seat next to me.I pretended not to notice her coming but when she was very near i looked up and did my ‘Soul Grabbing smile’.I could see that She was confused by the look in her eyes but she eventually recovered and said ‘Do you know me?’.I removed the earbud from my ear and said ‘Oh.Sorry i was listening to a song and the lyrics made me so high that i was smiling like a fool’.The conversation continued since she wanted to know more about the lyrics and i was prepared with what to say next.”

OK.Now i bet that it makes sense to you.With the Right attitude and adding your own twists and you can take a common Tip that you can find anywhere in the internet and Turn it in to such a powerful Technique that is foolproof. Till then i am here to spoon feed you!

3.Learn Instant Rapport Techniques:

The first thirty seconds of the meeting with women is very crucial since it plays a decisive role in how your relationship is going to take shape.It is very essential to gain rapport with women as soon as possible.There are many Instant Rapport gaining Techniques that will make you attractive in the eyes of the women.

Mirroring:Mirroring is the process of subtly imitating the body language,speech pattern and attitude of your target so that the women consider you similar to herself which subconsciously builds a attraction or friendship between you. It will be much more easier to try this with someone and see if it works for you or not instead of trying to understand how it works.

4.Learn to Read People’s Body language and Non Verbal communication

Often times a girl may be interested in you but she will never communicate it verbally.Instead she will telegraph her likeness for you using subtle non verbal cues and gestures.If you are not able to read these subtle messages you are missing out on lot of opportunities that come your way.These missed opportunities maybe the difference between your success and your failure,so,it’s really important to develop your skills to read what goes on inside people’s mind.Once this skill is mastered it will not only help in your love life but will also be a very effective tool to have in your work life and even in home.

5.Communicate your interest to her Non verbally.

Likewise when you learn to use non verbal communication skills to your advantage you can covertly send signals about what your intentions are without having to express it verbally.

6.Eye Contact with women.

If there is one thing you have to learn to attract someone and make them approach you without you uttering a single word then it would be learning the correct way to make eye contact,maintaining it and flirting with eye contact with women.There are some great techniques to get eye contact with women and it would take a book on its own if everything has to be explained but here are some of the handpicked ones that you can put to use right away.

Bull’s Eye technique:

If you are shy,anxious or uncomfortable in holding a eye lock with a women then you are at a disadvantageous position.Women expect men to look them in their eyes and they consider it as a sign of a confident man and they see men who avoid eye contact with them as weak.But Bull’s Eye Technique is available for you just to overcome this problem.If you are uncomfortable to look in to the eyes and gaze her soul then you can just look her in the place between her eyes where the Nose touches the forehead.Imagine you are just looking at her where her third eye would be.When done correctly women would get the impression that you are looking at them in their eyes while you will not be feeling any discomfort.Even though this technique is very effective i would recommend you to just use it in the beginning but start looking in the eyes later once you start to feel comfortable.

Triangular Gaze:Once you start feeling comfortable at locking a eye contact without taking your eyes off then you can proceed to master the Triangular Gaze.After holding eye to eye contact when she is still looking at you make a quick glance to their lips.Let your eyes rest for a couple of seconds on her lips the next time.This Technique will turn on the heat in her and will let her know that you mean business and that she cannot friend zone you.